How To Respond To The Mid-Terms

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A GOP Wave Is ONLY A Slight Reprieve From The Corpostate’s War On Christianity and freedom– our response is an approach based on a global network, starting here in America, of self-sustaining and materially independent collaborative communities based on something we call the “Upo Communities Model.” We envision a vast interconnected network of such communities based on a new conception of “nationhood” where we essentially define “nationhood” as intentional communities writ large.

We have an OPPORTUNITY to build freedom locally but we must take a very different approach that is both locally autonomous and yet scalable to the whole of this land and even to the world at large.

We have to “build freedom locally” through things like maximum material independency and mutual self-reliance. But, here is the difference in our approach from most, we also have to build large scale networks of such communities of people based on a more modern, expansive, and non-political concept of something we call “nationhood.” Nationhood has to be rethought along these lines: a massive-scale network of people all singing from the same hymn book, as it were, but where all these thousands of interconnected communities are quite autonomous of each other and yet capable of acting together.

They “sing from the same page” not because someone tells them to, they do so because they knew and felt absolute harmony with shared ideals and etcetera as a condition of becoming engaged and participating in this effort. The up-front sharing of things like Protocols as standards of conduct and ideals, principles, practices, and goals all agree to creates fast, and deep ties that are solid “proof” against any forms of authoritarianism or cultishness.

In our case, we present a form and expression of nationhood that is based on IDEAS not political power or even “race”, and certainly not based on a church or denominational affiliation, though definitely based on the essentials and universals of the Kingdom, or historical Christian orthodoxy.

In a word, if we discard the corpostate’s concept of the nation as an extension of the state and THEIR power over us, we are left with a Biblical and more organic concept of nationhood as a means of creating massive scale decentralized networks of self-reliance communities that are similar in spirit to each other but not under top-down control. Each community within such distributed and intentional “nations” (think large scale decentralized communities instead of about politics or race) can act and grow alone but all can act and grow together as one without relying on top-heavy hierarchies.

People can quibble about our specific ideals, principles, practices, and goals or our 17 Protocols which guide how we collaborate together, but for those who God has called, there is an understanding these things reflect the inner push and desire of their life and their own craving to be both part of something bigger and to enjoy the warmth and acceptance of true community. They will almost feel like “these things put into words what I really want for my life and for sharing community and purpose with others in our battle to defeat this war on Christianity and freedom.”

In our internal mental schema, we view nationhood as a spiritual construct forged in Kingdom DNA and statehood, which is things like the magistrate, kings, and kingdoms in the Bible, as an “imperial” or political construct.

Basically, our concept of nationhood is based in the Kingdom DNA for any nation whose God is the Lord as opposed to the world’s corrupted “DNA” of authoritarian decadence imposed from a centralized hierarchy. The world’s definition of nationhood is CONTROL from a centralized controlling hierarchy that demands loyalty and punished dissent.

The Kingdom definition of nationhood comes from people adopting it because its essentials also reflect and enhance their own spiritual DNA and their own unique God-given scroll of destiny and purpose. Nationhood in the Kingdom flows from and is an extension of your own identity, only this is shared organically with others, based on freewill instead of someone dictating it to you and using it to control you.

Kingdom Nationhood draws you to Christ and empowers you to walk in your own spiritual sovereignty in Community with others who support one another and share the same ideals, principles, practices, and goals from the heart.

The USA, of which we are proud and patriotic citizens, is, we believe, meant to become a commonwealth of freeedom based on the four core ideals as well as a political structure that perpetuates and protects the integrity of a free and pluralistic society of equals.

Nationhood, as we use the term in an alternative and empowered approach, is spiritually constructed communities of trust within a scalable network based on freewill participation. Statehood is a political construct that protects the integrity and provides the infrastructure for a free and pluralistic society that may include many diverse, but compatible, national peoples all based on a common freedom standard.

Without the framework of this new concept and approach to nationhood, community-building efforts to “build freedom locally” will be picked off and destroyed easily, one by one. But a locally autonomous community that is materially independent and yet is connected to a distributed nationhood of people organized in a decentralized manner but at scale, is a much tougher nut to crack! Thus, large-scale nationhood, per this more modern and enlightened definition, is essential to building freedom locally in a way that can peacefully defy large-scale efforts to deny that freedom to the masses.

The ability of even these corpostate shot-callers to defy or suppress an internally distributed “national people” of hundreds of thousands of citizens dispersed throughout tens of thousands of these seemingly disparate and autonomous self-reliance communities is totally lacking. If indeed we build a national people group of 3 million people organized as a Society or similar legal entity and these people mostly build locally autonomous and totally materially independent communities, the corpostaters will have a hard time trying to bully us. They will move on to easier targets but we will organically grow through natural processes propelled by the truth that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” into something well beyond their reach.

Now is the time to build these networks, we use terms like franchises and chapters, which will facilitate the autonomous local development of what we call Upadarian Kinship Groups and Upo Communities all over this land, but especially in key places where such material independency is most feasible.

If there is a GOP wave of monstrous proportions, expect only this: the authoritarian corpostate establishment will be temporarily halted and slowed for at least two years. The GOP is unlikely to reverse trends because their leadership do not even understand the hazards presented by the corpostate.

What we call the corpostate is a combination of corporations, mostly the key owners or shot-callers at the top, financial industry bigshots, elected politicians, politicos, bureaucrats, and members of the corrupt media/academia and entertainment “infotariate.” Ultimately, in simple terms, the same power-mad and morally depraved people control both the corporations and the state in an opaque manner which it is almost impossible to sort out and define.

The line between corporation and state is blurred. It becomes harder to tell if the corporations are controlled the government or if the government is using the corporations as a tool to do things they could not legally do, such as censorship of the quasi-monopoly platforms by which the politicos urge the corporate bigshots to do their bidding.

The overarching agenda of this ill-defined and unoffocial, somewhat disorganized, coterie of ruling class bigshots is top-down control of society and lording it over your life until you are but an atomized cog in the collective machine. All this alt-gendered nonsense, rainbow fascism, and wokatarian cancel culture depravity has the intention of dividing, removing all differentiation, and suppressing fundamental human rights.

The aim of the corpostate establishment is to PREVENT people from restoring strong marriages, families, extended families, and communities of trust. These modern robber barons definitely don’t want to see such groups of people formed to provide mutual support for maximum material independency. Why do they not want this? They oppose this because you becoming materially independent competes with their desired monopoly of wealth and power.

Ultimately, eventually, those larger scale people-groups who have not already developed networks at scale, which consist of hundreds of these locally autonomous collaborative communities distributed all over key regions, will be suppressed and lose all chances of obtaining any kind of freedom. To be clear: unless you are building a scalable network of materially independent collaborative communities you are not focusing on what needs to be done to actually put a halt to the war on freedom and also to turn the tide.

Isolated people who aren’t part of a materially independent community of people can be easily bullied into submission. Isolated communities that are quite materially independent can be surrounded and done in, Waco style, even if though they aren’t wackjob cults like the Branch Davidians are. Being innocent of cultish or even anti-government or any other wacko ideology is no protection: the corpostate establishment has brainwashed the population into equating any and all efforts to cluster together for mutual self-reliance and support to these sorts of a wackos like Jim Jones or David Koresh.

It is simply something you have to ignore as you press forward, not only using a common blueprint to create your own collaborative self-reliance communities, sustainable flourishing being the goal, but to establish large scale networks of such communities for maximum mutual support. It is one thing to demonize and isolate one local collaborative community, it is a whole different thing when said community is part of a network of hundreds of thousands of citizens with high level political connections and the best and most aggressive civil rights lawyers in the country.

We have a massive-scale and unprecedented problem: a raging war on Christianity and freedom being led from the front by puppet politicos, bureaucrats, and members of the corrupt infotariate but all at the behest of shadowy billionaire shot-callers who evince a design of tyranny. Our response must be unprecedented and large scale, it will look and be as different a solution as the problem we are facing today. A “same old” solution bounded by the old paradigm of conflating nations with political states and limiting our actions to elections or just individual things we might do is utterly insufficient and will fail.

We cannot rely on winning elections for the Party we believe is the least of a threat to Christianity and freedom. It is even possible that some GOP collaborators will betray their Party, but more importantly the Bill of Rights, and actually join the totalitarian Democrats in passing bills in favor of the corpostate establishment.

If we see a GOP House know all this guarantees is perhaps a two year reprieve which we had better take full advantage of!!!! It is time to build collaborative communities of trust among people who share our historic Judeo-Christian moral and ethical orthodoxy.

For us, who use the Upadarian project as our roadmap to building locally self-sufficient collaborative communities which obtain maximum material independency, this must be seen as a limited time of opportunity. We should invest as much of our time and treasure as possible into building our own freewill associations and clustered living habitations, using every legal means at our immediate disposal.

The proliferation of Upo Communities and similar types of collaborative communities that are at least based on things like the four core ideals for self-determination and the three core principles of freedom is the medium to long-term solution we need right now.

The four core ideals for self-determination include Unity in diversity (Unum), Popular sovereignty (Populum), Democratic equality (Demos), and Rule of law.

The difference between the bastardized versions of these ideals and ours is that our understanding of these ideals derives from a strong Judeo-Christian worldview and Biblical truth as historically understood. Additionally, we understand these ideals should be used altogether in HARMONY and balance.

The three core principles of freedom include virtue, liberty, and independence.

Virtue is purely voluntary but it essential and by virtue we mean both civil and moral virtue adhered to by voluntary compliance from the heart.

Liberty is based solidly on the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights but with the priviso that it must equally apply to all human beings without favor or prejudice of any kind.

Independence is a state of maximum material independency wherein most of your basic physical needs are met by yourself or in collaborative association with people you CHOOSE to be connected to.

These are the things we must build upon until we see groups of around 120 adult stakeholders who share the same beliefs, values, and convictions forming their own self-sufficient and materially independent distributed or clustered communities. Through our 17 Protocols and our stated ideals, principles, practices, and goals you can essentially fast-track community-building based on trust. Why do we say that? These things are, we believe, a God-given “Gideon’s test” by which we can see who has a compatible Christian worldview firmly rooted in historical orthodoxy and who have the courage and foresight to not be “put off” by your efforts.

What is also important here is that everyone who agrees to these things as the BASIS of how you will build a collaborative community of trust will already have substantial compatibility and those who do NOT agree aren’t compatible at this time. It is essential to build your core local community within a group that is remarkably compatible and yet that such compatibility must come from freewill intentionality lest your efforts to be free from the cultish control of a centralized corpostate establishment result in you becoming cultish yourself.

When people are drawn to IDEAS and VISION instead of charismatic leaders or top-down hierarchical systems, they can engage in a high level of cohesive actions without resorting to the legalistic and charismatic cult followings that often destroy even the most well-intentioned of groups.

When we stand on common standards and goals which everyone agrees to as a CONDITION of participation, it become easy to work together in a way that enhances, as opposed to takes away from, your own individuality and personal automomy. You engage because you already want these things and believe in these things and you therefore do not need, and never have to tolerate, anyone trying to control you. The deepest feeling you get is that this collaboration and connection is only making your own dreams of total self-reliance, empowerment, freedom, and, yes, having community with others who value the things you value, much more attainable and, once attained, easier to protect.

We can argue that our concept of a form of nationhood based on people at a grand scale, millions, adopting a whole “nationality” forged in Kingdom DNA, and fruiting out in the manifestation of locally autonomous collaborative communities with maximum material independency is the BEST and MOST NECESSARY, unprecedented and scalable, response to our massive scale and unprecedented problem. Kingdom Nationhood that is intentional, collaborative, and liberating is the essential and necessary response to the corpostate establishment’s war on Christianity and freedom.

We should also see such collaborative communities of people freely associate with others throughout the existing society based on common adherence to the four core ideals for self-determination and the three core principles of freedom. But for now we are more focused on spawning the creation of Upadarian Kinship Groups of around 30 or so adults whose collaborative community is based on a shared commitment to be guided by our 17 Protocols and by our ideals, principles, practices, and goals as a sort of intentional Christian nation, or distributed national people group, whose God is the Lord.

Why join our effort and build a Upadarian Kinship Group and ultimately an area-wide distributed Upo Community that is locally autonomous, materially independent, and yet connected to a sort of “Christian nation” and non-territorial virtual commonwealth that isn’t a state and is more or less organized as a Society under US law?

The answer is that your efforts to create a self-contained and self-reliant community must match the scale of the harzards we face. Moreover, you will find in the Upo Model that we have a scalable blueprint and framework ready-made by which your own local efforts can be enhanced and by which your local group could become the genesis of an area-wide franchise of our virtual commonwealth and a chapter of a Society.

Creating Upadarian Kinship Groups and eventually more pluralistic and inclusive Upo Communities within a countrywide network of such communities will be the core task for our project after the midterm elections, come what may. We will not rely upon the GOP to secure our future and our freedom because to do so is to lean on a broken reed.

Hence our ideals, principles, practices, and goals and things like our blueprints and frameworks, our 17 Protocols, our Kha Yasa, and our Karygma A’ Regita, which replace charismatic and/or top-down hierarchical systems with a freewill participation based on following ideas and not mere humans who lord it over their peers. Any person or group can be guided by these things without some top-down hierarchical system dictating to them and controlling them.

By providing these things, and also things like licensing, certification, and affiliation standards which are evenly applied and managed, we instigate a sort of spiritual revolution within that not only liberates us from the corpostate establishment’s control but many others as well. It makes the imposition of totalitarianism difficult because self-reliant people organized around their own communities of like-minded people just cannot be easily controlled.

We should devote, and RISK, as much of our time and treasure as is humanly possible to create these types of communities, within the shared framework of a globally-distributed spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, as quickly as possible and everywhere possible.

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