Modern Gideonites Versus Modern Midianites

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Bill Collier- Modern Midianites, led by ruling class elitists and their minions, are acting in ways that use your life as a mere commodity. The modern spirit of the Midianites seems to be on the march and is poisoning everything it touches, from your children’s minds to the economy and everything else!

(Our analogy does not mean we label people Midianites, in fact Jesus died for those “Midianites”, the focus is not on such people as individuals, our focus is on the spirit and trend of the times, which resembles a Midianite invasion.)

It feels like you are their intended prey but there is a path of liberation! God has a better plan, one the spirit of our modern Midianites cannot prevent or hinder.

Spoiler alert:

Nationhood, led by modern “Gideonites”, like the 300 followers of Gideon, is the key for the future, but not the nationhood of the 20th century corporate-controlled nation-state!

If you aren’t exploring the BIBLICAL model, and application, of “nationhood” (ethne), then you aren’t even asking the right QUESTIONS that will result in your liberation from controlling influences and a corrupt ruling class!

If you aren’t considering what it would be like to be a modern Gideonite, like the 300 who followed Gideon, stepping out of the realm of 20th century thinking, then you are not truly on the path of liberation.

What can save us from this chaos? Who can prevent us from watching our lives become prey and our entire culture going up in flames, figuratively sacrificed to the spirits of Baal and Molech by Midianite hordes assailing our lives?

Let us begin to find answers by exploring the truth about our present reality and circumstances and making it plain.

Politics is run by and for modern Midianites. These are self-absorbed egomaniacs, like the people who you couldn’t stomach in high school and college, people who would do anything and defraud or violate anyone necessary to get elected to student council or be the most popular and cool in school. These people are all too often children of privileged people, as Gordon Celente says “born on third base”, then “walked” to home, usually through some form of unfair legerdemain. 

Quite simply, politics is literally a rigged popularity contest where the “cool kids” manipulate the process and pull dirty tricks to suppress any would-be competitors. It’s dangerous for society, not just wrong. It is a plague on many lands in every major world civilization today!

And let’s not discuss the “media!” These so-called “watchdogs” never see any truth they can proclaim with courage or confront any lie that it is inconvenient to expose. They are handmaidens to authoritarianism. They aren’t “free press”, they are propagandists!

They would smear Gideon and his followers with lies while writing about how “wonderful” the Midianites were even as this band of godless aggressors pillaged every home and village and left the whole population destitute and in chains!

(The news media have always sold themselves, but the extent of the fraud and lying has rarely reached the dizzying heights of today’s press and the concentration of ownership by the press, in so few hands, has never been greater.)

It is neither unreasonable nor impolite to accurately describe these people and their corrupt institution. The “press” today, as an institution, is abysmal and corrupt and the “exceptions” in this case prove the rule!

Few professions, outside politicians, are as corrupt and “anti-truth” as most modern “journalism” has become. They don’t “report”, they defame, incite, cover up, and misrepresent to advance an authoritarian agenda using a woke cancel culture methodology. The New York Times, as an example, has become nothing more than a smear merchant for the unholy spirit of the modern Midianite horde!

Does this look like the Biblical history of the Midianites who invaded Israel and were like locusts on the land? We see and hear their spirit in the imposition of a radically insane agenda being “taught”, in schools and colleges. We see the spirit that acts like treacherous locusts in all entertainment and in the bureaucracy as well as the boardroom. We even see this spirit in the religious world, claiming to follow Christ but hitting back against every tenet of historic Christian orthodoxy.

All of this is about power, not dialogue or ideas, it is deconstruction for the sake of invalidation. Once invalidated and marginalized, you are delegitimized and they take power.

The issue is not the wealth of the rich, as socialists propose, so long as it wasn’t gotten by unethical and/or illegal means. The issue is that such concentrated wealth and power and a system that funnels wealth and power from the producing inventors, investors, and creators/workers to these few people at the very top will tend to dehumanize people. This sort of system produces things like authoritarianism or upheaval.

Corruption and authoritarianism have always been around. It has always been sometimes bad for most, worse for some at least some of the time to most of the time, and always more or less skewed against the average person in favor of the ruling class. Now it is worse for most, most of the time, and the concentration of wealth and power is reaching historic proportions.

Again, this is not a critique of the rich for being rich. The fact someone uses their power to violate the rights of others would be a worthy critique, but this is true whatever their wealth. The real problem is the fact wealth and power are in few hands and increasingly there are issues with how limited the scope of opportunity and feeedom are for average people.

How bad is it? As an example, never before in modern history have the thought-leaders and shot-callers in the West been so openly and PROUDLY corrupted as to question the very concepts of marriage and family, of our identity as men and women, or of the validity of God’s standards of righteousness and justice. The depth and breadth of corruption, the reaches of the amorality, and the concentration of wealth and power are at historic levels.

You would be forgiven for feeling helpless and hopeless in the face of this sheer depraved corruption. A society that can only produce “leaders”, from political to thought leaders and celebrities, who have no grasp on reality and whose morals are non-existent, is a society in self-destruction mode!

A society, and any civilization, that tolerates a corrupt ruling class, whether out of compulsion or by frewill, as in voting it in, is in self-destruction mode! The immorality and corruption of the rulers can either reflect a society’s corruption or lead to corrupting influences which eventually permeate all of society from the head down.

But there is hope, we propose. It is a hope that doesn’t come from any source or means you may be familiar with. You may not have ever heard of this thing before, it seems to have been deliberately suppressed. We can say that the answer to the modern spirit of the Midianites are modern Gideons, or Gideonites, who are not afraid to do exploits for their God, even when the entire land seems hopelessly occupied by a (figurative) Midianite horde!

Confronted with seems like a godless horde of spiritual barbarians, many who follow Yeshua are seeking answers in those institutions they associate in their mind with the Kingdom of God. But, like Gideon’s parents and the religious rulers of his day, the Midianites are here but nobody is standing up to them!

In truth, lack of knowledge of this path to liberation is most entirely the result of hidebound ignorance and lack of creativity among the thought leaders of historic “Christendom” and the modern church culture with its 20th century extra-Biblical traditions and rules. They mean well, but they are stuck in the church culture of the past and cannot see the future, yet. When they do respond to the Midianites, it is as if they only know how to fight yesterday’s battles which they have read their forebears fought in: it begins to look reactionary and archaic.

The old paradigm of top-down, centralized and depersonalized nation-states and corporations with the same status as humans, and hierarchical clerical church structures ordained by the tax authorities and limited to state-approved functions and roles, is a late 20th century system that isn’t relevant to the future. The strict compartmentalized structures of society, all controlled from top and center and all subordinated to the politicians and those who control the politicians, is an industrial age model that may have had its use but that, today, is a hindrance to forward movement.

We live in a world where some 26 individuals hold more wealth than 50% of the world’s population. That is beyond wealth inequality, that is gross wealth redistribution at the level of instability that can only produce upheavals or even totalitarianism. By this we mean the system that concentrates such wealth and power, not the actual individuals who may have used the system to its full advantage. It isn’t about these people, it’s about the lack of wealth being generated for everyone else.

A society with massive inequality of wealth and massive concentrations of power thereby is extremely vulnerable to a small critical point of failure, to corruption, and to dangerous upheavals which invite totalitarian responses, either to keep the status-quo or to overthrow it.

The solution isn’t to take the wealth. Ot isn’t revolution or eating the rich.

Our solution is to generate new wealth on our own. Wealth is not finite and the existing pie is not all there is. Wealth is a product we can create on our own, if we choose to and know what to do.

Again, we must stress, our aim isn’t to take from these people and distribute to the poor, our aim is to produce new wealth, through intentional economic activity among ourselves, that has both a Biblical foundation and a modern, future-looking approach and application. The industrial age wealth pyramid isn’t going to change, it will be transcended!

Modern Gideonites, we propose, will embrace and apply a shared nationhood, using a future-looking 21st century and beyond paradigm, instituted organically and on a globally distributed scale, founded on a Biblical basis, and using the web to broadcast its vision, gather people, and support its efforts. This may very well be the only effective response that in no way threatens societal stability or promotes violence or upheaval.

The world that remains mired in the old paradigm is trending toward a concentration of wealth that is dangerous and the existing nation-state structure is incapable of responding in a stable, peaceful, and effective manner that tend to promote wealth instead of shuffling it around. It is alarming and freedom-denying.

People look to the world of religious leaders and institutions, but no real help is coming. The thought-leadership of modern church culture keeps going back to 20th century ideas and solutions, using new packaging. They cling to the past and its leaders, which we honor but must advance beyond, building our future on their worthy foundations and revering their memory.

The 20th century church culture, rooted in an old paradigm defined by old industrialized systems of top-down and centralized control, and strict compartmentalization of all institutions, isn’t sufficient. This doesn’t mean churches should go away, but it does mean we need to decompartmentalize our institutions and structures using a Biblical model of nationhood to start.

Being stuck in a 20th century paradigm that is ill-fitted to the needs and possibilities of the 21st century and beyond is making this kind of massive theft and growing authoritarianism possible. Even those who oppose all this cannot resist or overcome the onslaught so long as they also remain mired in the paradigm of the last century!

The church culture of the 20th century, still perpetuated and adhered to in the religious world, won’t liberate you from sociocultural and socioeconomic systems of influence and control that prey upon your life. It fits within and refuses to go outside of its industrial age compartmentalism and its top-down, centralized, and hierarchical systems of authority and direction by the few over the many!

Again, this isn’t meant as a slam of our church heroes or to say the present local church has no place in the new paradigm. When we decompartmentalize our lives, our associations, our structures, and our institutions we find a more expanded and holistic role for the local congregation (synagogos), not a diminished role! We also find structures and institutions within the Ecclesia, the whole community of all Believers, once thought to be outside the purview of “the Kingdom” that we can build among ourselves now.

If the relgioous establishment doesn’t have answers beyond its 20th century church culture, don’t think you can turn to politics and civic action as THE alternative, thinking you can make things better if you can change laws and policies through elections. The government won’t protect you because the government is a perpetrator and has been corrupted, it is unreachable by the masses and most elections are manipulated outcomes which, whether fraud is involved or not, have pre-ordained possible outcomes.

We aren’t saying stop going to church or stop voting. We are saying these things are not the only possible answer and, because they remain stuck in the past, they cannot possibly address the present crisis in its fullness.

The Midianites of today have either occupied or substantially weakened every institution and structure in every major civilization on this earth and constitute a global threat to human rights, to forward movement, and to human dignity.

So what is the solution?

In a word, it is “nationhood”, adopted and promoted by modern Gideonites. It is the deliberate and transfigurative creation of nationhood among us and the accompanying sociocultural and socioeconomic structures among individuals whose source of provision and protection isn’t the state but is God Himself.

This is a 21st century civilizational paradigm shift that doesn’t even see “nations” the same way people were programmed to see them in the last century! It is modern Gideonites in their thousands rising up peacefully and deliberately within every land but connecting through global networks, like our web 3.0 cryptonation platform and our international NGO, to unilaterally build that which is needed to liberate tens of millions of people.

But here is something that has always been true and that will always be true: God is still in charge!

We propose, and we believe, that God has a blueprint for humanity which we must seek to know and follow in order to tap into His blessings. This blueprint is rooted in the ancient, eternal, and sacred truths of the Kingdom of God, which is among us, but it adapts to and is applicable to the present and the future.

We call the institutions of God’s blueprint for human civilization “agencies of God’s provision.” These are institutions like marriage, family and extended family (oikos), local congregations (synagogos), communities of trust (koinonia), the local assembly of all Believers (ecclesia), nations as spiritual constructs (ethne), and civilizations whose worldview and framework are based on Biblical ideals.

Modern Gideonites being deliberate about these agencies of God’s provision, within the framework of spiritual nations whose God is the Lord and a civilization based on Biblical ideals rooted in God’s standards of righteousness and justice, in love and grace, is really the ONLY way to navigate through this insane time.

It was “weird” how God directed Gideon and his 300 Gideonites to “attack” the Midianites. They had a pitcher of water, a torch, a trumpet, and, almost as an after-thought, a sword. We modern Gideonites have the agency of nationhood, a web 3.0 cryptonation platform, and intentional private associations and organizations within a global network to stand against the modern Midianites.

Again, let’s not forget that God is supreme and all the powers on this earth cannot stop that which God ordains and blesses. Let’s not forget this, let’s keep in mind that if we build according to God’s blueprint, then we will experience God’s blessings regardless of what the shot-callers who rule this civilization do. They are actually more powerless than they want you to feel.

Read this carefully and prayerfully:

– Focus on following God’s blueprint and you will not be limited or controlled by the ruling class and their minions who run the present major civilizations and institutions on this planet today, including the Western, the Chinese, the Islamic, the Japanese, the Indian, the Russian, African, and the Asian civilizations. –


We believe God is raising up modern Gideonites as founders of our new spiritual nation, Upadaria is its name, as a prototype for many more existing and new nations of people who make Yeshua their King, and as a vanguard people for a new civilization that will rise all over the world even as the major existing civilizations continue a path of self-destruction.

This bold, new path of liberation isn’t what you were looking for any more than one would expect Gideon’s 300 to grab a pitcher of water, a trumpet, and a sword to dispatch tens of thousands of Midianites. It is what God has provided. It is impervious to whatever measures and means the ruling class want to employ because it is provided for and ordained by God.

But if you are looking for such liberation and you reject the ordained plans of God, which exist within the pages of Scripture and which we believe are meant for such a time as this, then you will not escape the control of the depraved ruling class. Your life will continue to be a commodity they own.

Liberation from the influence and control of the ruling class, their minions, and all their manipulated structures cannot and will not occur if you neither know nor follow a heavenly blueprint! This is the kind of “revolution within” that begins by intentionally creating the structures and institutions of family and extended family, local congregations, communities of trust, and nationhood as a spiritual construct, all within the framework of a new civilization founded on Biblical ideals.

We propose that nationhood, led by modern Gideonites, is THE key thing to building these other agencies of God’s provision and that the birth or conversion of nations whose God is the Lord will result in the emergence of a new civilization.

Such nationhood is indeed prescribed in Scripture but has barely been explored and understood until today. We believe that making nationhood central to the efforts of modern Gideonites and discovering its true meaning and application is meant for such a time as this. Discovering nationhood from a heavenly blueprint perspective is for such a time as this, it is, we believe, part of God’s unfolding plan for the advancement of human civilization.

Nationhood between people within a marriage, family and extended family, and communities of trust is the primary vehicle for overcoming and defeating efforts by the depraved ruling class and their minions to use your life as a commodity. It is ancient in its origins but uniquely tailored for this time as something we can embrace, pursue, and build among and in collaboration with people all over the world.

When we who are modern Gideonites create our own intentional nation, founded on its own ideals, principles, practices, and mandates, between individuals who adopt this nationality as their own, we step out of the control of the present system and we enter into the realm of God’s unlimited potential.

In this sense then, Upadaria is a path of liberation for followers of Yeshua who desire freedom from the influence and control of any top-down, controlling ruling class and their minions whose policies tend to use our lives as a mere commodity that enriches themselves. Upadaria may not be the only spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, we certainly don’t think that is God’s plan, but it may be the only ready-made alternative and option that you have access to.

Like the 300 who followed Gideon, modern Gideonites are not afraid, not distracted, and not closed to unusual or unprecedented solutions, so long as they know they are backing God’s plan.

Unlike other efforts and ideas, the vision for Upadaria as a spiritual nation with its own globally distributed sociocultural and socioeconomic structures, connected via the web, and an emerging new civilization founded on Biblical ideals, is ready-made and contains well-researched blueprints and frameworks you can use “off-the-shelf.”

The spiritual, peaceful, and organically emergent “Upadarian Revolution” is laid out in a plan of action you can pick up, adopt, and adapt in your life from the most intimate scale of your own inner man to the largest scale of globally distributed structures and institutions. It is not a political or in any way violent/military uprising of any kind, it is spiritual and then sociocultural and socioeconomic in its actual activities. But for all that, not all the armies or political states or any powers on this earth can stop its progress because GOD IS OUR PROVIDER AND PROTECTOR!

As the major civilizations and powers on this earth enter a stage of terminal self-destruction, we believe God has given us an ark and refuge of His protection, provision, and blessings called the Upadarian nation and the Upadarian civilization. He will raise up other nations of people, following a similar Biblical framework of nationhood based on the universal nationhood of all Believers.

Whether or not this makes sense or whether or not you agree and embrace this vision is not our concern. We make a Gideon’s call and only Gideonites ordained by God to lead in building this new nation, through the agency of a virtual Commonwealth and an international NGO with country-specific Branch Societies, will come forward and lift up the torch, carry the water, blow the trumpets, and bear the spiritual sword of such a spiritual nation whose God is the Lord.

Many who even now are confused and cannot bring themselves to embrace and join in this vision will flock to it after it begins to make itself known and manifest. This is the pattern we see in the historical lesson of Gideon, hence why we call the founders and early builders “Gideonites.” But many who today do not feel the call and are not selected by God for this work will one day join us!

If indeed you see the modern Midianites “like locusts” polluting the land and turning your life into their commodity, and if you want a path to liberation, it may be you were born into the Kingdom for such a time as this, to be among the vanguard of a new spiritual nation which ifself is the vanguard people of a new civilization founded on Biblical ideals.

So how can our new platform, what we intend to make into a web 3.0 cryptonation platform for freedom seekers, to the Christian first, then also the world at large, facilitate the practical application of the Biblical model of nationhood in your life?

A web 3.0 cryptonation platform can connect people virtually and then also locally to make the most of nationhood as a practice and way of life rooted in the ancient and sacred but adapted to the present and the future. Liberation comes from within, one person, one family, one “community of trust”, at a time, all over the world.

As the world’s ruling class and their minions set whole civilizations, societies, nations of people, and countries on fire, we who embrace a Biblical framework for practical, and globally distributed, nationhood framework, can experience a “new birth of freedom” with security and prosperity for all. That is the promise.

Our new platform, styled after a fictional “Commonwealth” set in the year 2147, will provide the knowledge, tools, features, resources, and connections you need to both learn this model, and its Biblical basis, and apply it in a practical way for your own liberation.

The platform will begin more or less as a combination of a learning community with courses called “Experiences”, a social networking and social media site, and a limited eCommerce platform. You will be able to learn through an immersive participatory experience, you will be able to connect with fellow travelers, you also be able to express and broadcast yourself, and you will be able to promote your business, services, or ministry to the world.

The web 3.0 Cryptonation platform will be a paid subscription site, thus eliminating the need for corporate backing. Through its content and features you will gain knowledge and skills for liberation, connect with people for mutual support, and pursue your own dreams and visions.

The aim is solutions, not reactionary dependency or petitioning the ruling class through public support and elections to change. We don’t see them changing.

Upadaria is a place of liberation, of freedom, of opportunity, and safety, and sanctuary for those who seek a life not owned as a commodity by the ruling class of today’s major civilizations, especially the Western and Chinese who are vying for global dominion. The Upadarian nation, the Upadarian civilization, and the Upadarian platform are the alternative to dependency on the ruling class and their minions.

As the web 3.0 cryptonation platform becomes a more virtual to local movement and as an international NGO and Branch Societies are built to support those who adopt this way of life, physical spaces and refuges will begin to be established all over the world. In these spaces the governance standard and norms of the internal sociocultural socioeconomic system will be aligned with Biblical ideals and the ancient framework for human civilization itself.

We will build unilaterally and intentionally through freewill participatory association alone, without recourse to any form of coercion or control from above.

From ancient pathways and sacred foundations, a new spiritual nation as the vanguard of a new civilization emerges through a virtual to local 3.0 cryptonation platform with global participation. Upadaria is a pathway and a means to total liberation!


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