The Power of Our Subconscious

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By Willem IV, Crown Prince Regent and First Founder of Upadaria- There is a scroll of destiny and purpose for our lives, called “wyrd”, which can only become inevitable if we master the art of ruthlessly dictating that we which is fed to our subconscious self.

The reader will note the author’s “title” here seems a bit fanciful and perhaps outlandish. Yes, we who have adopted the Upadarian nationality use terms of nobility and royalty, but we do not do this to glorify ourselves: we do this in part to train our subconscious to imagine and manifest ourselves as God sees us, to become that which He has shown us and we therefore continue to look upon and visualize.

If you recoiled at the title, ask yourself why. Ask yourself why such noble titles couldn’t be applied to YOU and why you are not able to see yourself as someone noble, even royal. This is the lesson being imparted through these titles. It’s all about seeing ourselves as kings and priests unto God, it has nothing to do with vanity or self-glorification.

Often when people recoil at such a title, at someone openly calling themselves a crown prince regent, for instance, it may be a consequence of them not seeing themselves as a king and priest unto God, which implies a nobility of character and deeds that we may not live up to now.

(Note: the use of terms like king and priest or other terms and titles of nobility and royalty are not feminized, we consider a female who walks in the kinship of the Lord a king, thus denoting there is zero difference in this between a man and a woman.)

As you will see, we hope, things like what we call ourselves, how we visualize ourselves, impact what happens within us, through us, and to us. We become what we are looking at. If one calls themselves a regent of Christ and has a definite image of what that means, in our case it denotes nobility of character and calling in service to God and others, then this becomes a powerful “instruction” to our subconscious self. And so we recommend and use such titles among ourselves, including the accoutrements and symbols of that title, and we affirm these titles among ourselves.

What you call yourself, which can be a title, like “author” or “business leader”, or whatever you aspire to, may come across as fanciful or outlandish to others. Learn to spend more time with and invest yourself more into the lives of people who don’t see your titles as fanciful and outlandish, because the collaboration of others who also speak to your subconsciousness as you wish to speak to it, is extremely useful. You do NOT have to resort to our methodology, of using titles of nobility and royalty, to gain benefit from the concept of calling yourself that which you sense and know God is calling you.

The subconscious self is the genesis point for most of what happens within us and to us, its power to draw people and things knows few or any linear/temporal constraints. It seems almost supernatural because its causation cannot be defined in material, linear ways. And yet, as we understand that spiritual triumphs over material and ultimately dictates to it, we understand that the subconscious self dictating most of our reality is part of God’s sacred blueprint for Creation and for humanity. It is therefore natural.

Let us begin with some succinct thoughts for serious contemplation:

  1. The subconscious plays a significant role in the actualization of whatever it sees, it seems supernatural but is merely reflective of the laws of causality which govern Creation and which are part of God’s blueprint for humanity
  2. We feed our subconscious, it has no induction, it can only absorb what we pour into it with our words and the images/thoughts we give space to
  3. The subconscious has no sense of humor and cannot tell the difference between humor and seriousness or even between imagination and objective physical reality
  4. Gaining direct control over the world-building power of the subconscious is about intentionality and discipline and cannot be haphazard or those results produced by our subconscious will also be haphazard

The notion our subconscious controls all things is something bordering on witchcraft, it is an assumption of our own omnipotence and divinity. But it is also true that most of what we have and experience has its genesis, at least in its roots, in our subconscious self which acts on whatever we pour into it. Most of us do not use our inner man, the man of the spirit, our true self as God designed us, to inform our subconscious. We let our consciousness dictate to our subconscious. The reactive mind of our consciousness has feelings, fears, and limitations set by that which seems obvious to us, or that which gives shallow and immediate pleasure.

A clear vision pierces the world of matter. Remember this. What God says about you AND WHAT YOU AGREE TO and affirm based on that, is ALREADY SO, well before the instance it manifests in this physical space. Saying this means truth is released. Not saying this means this truth is set aside UNTIL YOU AFFIRM IT, though in this life we have only so much time to affirm it and then experience it.

But when the super consciousness of our inner man dictates what our subconscious sees and manifests, then most of our life circumstances are controlled by our inner man who is subordinated to God, His standards of righteousness and justice, and His will and design for our lives.

To bear misfortune worthily and with honor is good fortune. It is an experience of value and blessings. Even if we control our subconscious self with ruthless discipline, as we should, it will not eliminate misfortune, which is part of the weaving of our wyrd, the Divine scroll of destiny and purpose for our lives which we must connive at with God to write every day.

One of the most pleasurable things to behold is a person of faith grappling with adversity and misfortune without even compromising their virtue nor doubting their Creator. Misfortune is not necessarily caused by our own subconsciousness manifesting what it sees, but some, perhaps most, misfortune could be said to stem therefrom.

Every unnecessary misfortune is pain God did not intend, but even this we can use to shape us and restore us to a state of unity and subordination to God, to letting the superconsciousness of our inner man dictate ruthlessly to our subconscious which already ruthlessly dictates to most all of the results and manifestations of things and circumstances of our life.

Controlling what is fed to our subconscious self is a vital part of controlling our outcomes. Even if it is not the sole influence on what we experience and of our circumstances, the subconscious self is a major, if not THE major, progenitor of our present reality and experiences.

Banish anxiety and fear. To say “let us hope for the best and prepare for the worst” is foolishness: we actually attract what we prepare for, not what we hope for. The enemy, whether we count them as a person, people, institution, or the powers of darkness, is not our concern. Neither their intentions nor potential or power matter to the person whose manifest control over their own subconsciousness is dictated by their inner man, in subordination to God and their wyrd.

Remember: the Divine economy is such that supply always matches demand, there is no limit to the supply needed to equip us to fulfill our wyrd other than limits we impose through accepting them.

To give time and attention to something is to give it power. A wolf does not regard the opinion, actions, or so-called potential power of goats, who can easily fall prey to its bite. The goats have no power over the wolf, regardless of their intentions, unless the wolf takes on the mien of a goat, because they have adopted the ways of the goat. Our enemies may be legion, but the person who is in harmony with God, and therefore with the wyrd of their life, as an active collaborator with Him, has become the wolf and all others, whether Satan himself or anything and anyone on this earth, because they are not subordinate to God, are goats.

If we know our wyrd, or at least so much as we know our wyrd, we can pour everything about that into our subconscious and our subconscious will manifest it until more and more of our circumstances and reality are a reflection of our own creation, which creation was ordained by the Creator who gave to us a spiritual sovereignty that cannot be opposed by mere godless goats. Again, and an ever-necessary word of caution is demanded, not all circumstances will be dictated by that which our subconscious attracts and manifests, and to endure misfortune with honor is itself fortunate.

Consider this: God created substance and order out of nothing. The essence of His nature is that of Creator. And yet it says we are created IN HIS IMAGE, which is a duplication and depiction of His essence and His essence is that He is the Creator, thus making us creators. This power of creation is within our grasp, though it is absolutely subordinated to His Creation and His Power.

We must stop behaving as linear creatures without an eternity before us and an eternal God within us in what we fear while pretending to embrace an eternity and an eternal Creator only in what we desire. We must both ruthlessly dictate to our subconscious self from the locus of our inner self, our ideal self created outside this linear realm, and yet accept the things which happen outside our control as having come from God to shape us further and prepare us for eternity while somehow being a witness and influence to others who observe with pleasure our endurance in faith.

We must act and talk as creators, created in the image of our Creator!

If we say ignorance causes most all fear, we say this because we do not understand the locus of control within our supernatural inner self. We do not understand that when this inmer self is subordinated to God, or whatever comes through to us, even our misfortune is something we are fortunate to bear. Our ignorance of our inner locus of control, from our inner man, acting upon our subconscious self and our lack of faith in our Creator who has ultimate control, is an ignorance which leads to fear and which then feeds our subconscious.

Many times the things we fear come to pass. But also we can say many of the things we have desired and set our heart and mind upon, have also happened. Whatever we have fed to our subconscious has generally tended to manifest in some say and to some degree. This is not 100% of what happens to us, but it is likely, in most circumstances, that most of what happens to us has its genesis within us. We can say with confidence that unless we have learned to dictate what is fed to our subconscious that at least SOME misfortune and disappointment is both unnecessary and of our own making. This is not always true, things can and do happen that are not caused by our subconscious, and it doesn’t mean we should neither be compassionate to ourselves nor others over the the misfortune we or they might have unknowingly caused.

Some will say they do not want to be over hopeful because they may be disappointed. Disappointment is a thing we will experience at once, at that moment, but it never lasts forever, therefore why subject ourselves to it before its time, which we can rarely predict. Imagine only good things, see yourself getting only good things, see success and happiness, in subordination to our best understanding of God and of our wyrd, and, yes, at times, you will be disappointed. But the happiness and joy of the before and the stoic endurance of the after, are far better than to anticipate disappointment by already feeling disappointment before its time.

You object, “the Bible says that when fools do not hide themselves from a danger they see they will ultimately suffer the consequences, but a wise person sees danger coming and hides himself from it.”

Here is a new thought for most that will break some of your embedded assumptions. The difference here is not circumstances and things you cannot predict or know or even possibilities that are not necessarily accurate or inevitable.

Imagine a Party has gained power in our country and they are proposing to outlaw something we make a living from, so, for instance, you sell products made of rubber and they want to outlaw rubber. Perhaps their election has occurred but they will not take office for a few months. In this scenario, the danger is coming. It is not something you can imagine away. You have to hide yourself from this.

There is something dramatic to be said about the exponential power of visualizing and affirming things to instruct the subconscious when whole bodies of people visualize and affirm the same sorts of things. A small body of people with strong organic cohesiveness who share these things can in fact influence larger-scale outcomes and collectively attract great things. Everything said about this to the individual can apply to bodies of people, be they a married couple, a family, a whole national people, or an an entire civilization!

But where you are not connected to a body of people who have such shared subconsciousness, hence our argument for nationhood as a God-given agency for collective blessings of provision and protection, you find many dangers must be hidden from or avoided. You may have to quit that job, you may have to sever a relationship that has gone toxic, you may have to physically move from a city governed by fools.

But even in handling these things you can use the power of instructing your subconscious self to visualize and affirm how you WILL overcome. You will affirm and visualize that you WILL find shelter, you WILL still have a good life. If you have to stop making products made of rubber, you visualize how you WILL create new products or find a replacement for this raw material.

Hiding ourselves from danger or dealing with disappointments and unexpected circumstances, surprises and disasters quite outside our control, doesn’t lessen the power and benefit of using ruthelss dictation to our subconscious self in order to mostly control most of our circumstances and reality. In fact, we should realize that the necessity of learning this skill is even more urgent as we realize that not everything can be controlled by us.

You should desire this control, you should realize its necessity, you should embrace its possibility, and you should learn the thinking and skills needed to practice this control.

It is not possible to merely say these things, you can read them aloud, and even to understand them, and then to just do them. This is a process, and its mechanism of repetitive discipline and subordination, of consciously saying and imaging things within ourselves based on this understanding, cannot happen simply because we know the way they should happen and that they should happen.

You will gain a spiritual muscle memory and habituation over time that becomes both grander in scope and deeper in its influence. Mere words and rote memorization of principles and procedures are not enough, though they are also valuable.

But, as it is said, and bears often repeating, the heart cannot accept what the mind rejects as real. When we convince our mind of these truths and when it comes from the depths of our inner man, then we begin a process of transfiguration from within that eventually alters our way of being, our thought-life, our relationships, our associations, and our very circumstances.

Read and absorb these things. Do not think if you read this once that is enough. Read it aloud. Read it many times for many days until you can explain it all in your own words and until your mind is convinced it is real. Then you will begin a process of transfiguration from within that, as long as you keep reminding yourself of this truth, cannot be hindered by anything in hell or on this earth!

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