The Cold Weather; Has Winter Come Early?

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By Shaylin Cunningham

The cold weather is mysterious here in New Mexico because it is usually warmer and not that cold, but why? The low temperature usually averages 27 degrees Fahrenheit and the high averages 46 degrees Fahrenheit in December. The temperature for this 2018 season is 25 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit; the low is under the average and the high is above average.

Has winter come early? Winter has come early by a week or so mostly because winter does not truly begin until the 21st of December and the snow normally happens late December. We have got more snow than the average which is 2.7 inches in December we have received 3 to 5 inches so far. Some of the ski resorts have been opened since November and the others are opening this week or next. Albuquerque received its snow on  the 21st of November, but it has been colder with no snow since then, so  we hope more will come soon. 

There are many activities that can only be done in the snow, such as skiing and snowboarding. Some resorts are already open for your enjoyment. Snowball fights with family are always fun, so bundle up and put on some gloves. Build a snowman and stay inside watching the snowfall with hot cocoa. All of these activities are fun and can be done with family and friends, or by yourself. But first, we need some more snow!

Snow it is cold but also lots of fun. Hopefully, more snow will be coming soon, so look up at the sky and maybe a snowflake will fall on you.  Have a great break, look outside, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.