Getting to Know Lanigan and More!

Continuing the get to know series with Ms. Lanigan, the tenth grade chemestry teacher and the health teacher, here are five questions we asked to get to know her.

Reporter: How do you feel about moving?

Ms. Lanigan: I’m excited for a new change, change is good. I’ve always loved Durango but I’m nervous and sad that I’m leaving my community of 12 years.

Reporter: What do you like most about teaching chemistry?

Ms. Lanigan: I love watching students go from the struggle to the aha moment, when they finally get it. It’s such an unusual content area to teach and it’s nice to see students push past the struggle.

Reporter: What is the most exciting thing about having a baby?

Ms. Lanigan: I’m looking forward to having a family with my husband and looking forward to hopefully raising a child that has positive influence on the world.

Reporter: If you were not a teacher what would you be?

Ms. Lanigan: I’ve always wanted to be a vet. (She talks about this in class sometimes.)

Reporter: What has been the best thing about Nex+gen?

Ms. Lanigan: A lot of great things, but the students that I learn from, I get to teach, and watching students mature. Student also  teach how to be a better person and learning from them is amazing.

Many might not know as of now, and for those who don’t, Ms. Lanigan is having a baby! We have recently been told that Ms. Lanigan is having a baby boy. She told us that the name will not be shared until the baby is born, just in case she and her husband change their minds. The baby is supposed to be born in March so she will sadly be leaving us towards the end of February. She is going to stay as long as she possibly can, for her chemistry and health students, but she will be moving to Durango, Colorado after the baby is born.

Ms. Lanigan is very excited and so are we.  We all can’t wait and she said we’ll get to meet the baby! When the baby is born we will be back with an update on the name.

This was five teaching questions with Mrs. Lanigan. Hope you tune in for the next article

By Libby Thoma and Shaylinn Cunningham