How are the freshmen liking nex+Gen?

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How are the freshmen liking nex+Gen?

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By Brianna Spielman

Nex+Gen is a magnet schol, a public school offering special instruction and programs not available elsewhere that are designed to attract more of a diverse student body. We are known for our pillars, which the students are expected to respect. Many of the freshmen have been able to adjust to this new school and have grown to love it. This school also splits up each grade in two halves which you spend most if not all of your classes with the half that you got placed in, we call these 50’s, based on the fact that each group is roughly 50% of the population for that grade.

The freshmen have made it through their first semester. Both 50’s have some amazing students who take school very seriously and want to improve their education. And all the freshman have their reasons why they came here.

Some of the students came to this school because they thought that this would be a good opportunity. One student also mentioned that this school has a great way of teaching the students.

The freshmen have all had different experiences in their first semester with teachers, students, classes and grades. From these experiences, they have been able to learn different aspects of this school and this environment.

The freshman loved how they felt responsible here. A lot of them also mention the computers and how they help with learning. Not only that, the students like how the teachers treat us with respect, they additionally feel as though they have a sense of freedom at this school. They like the sense of freedom because they feel they are in control of their own lives and they aren’t treated like children anymore.

Some students have mentioned how they have enjoyed the teachers and how they are nice to the students and respect and trust us. One student also mentioned, “We, as students, are expected to be able to do our best even if our best is not the same as other students.”

Many of the students mentioned how they love how the school teaches and how project-based learning was one of the best aspects of this school along with the pillars. Many of the students also believe that this school has helped them advance the way they learn along with how they work with others.