What is the French Exchange?

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What is the French Exchange?

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by Brianna Spielman

The French Exchange is a program that lets nex+Gen teens and French teens live and experience each other’s lives for a little less than two weeks. The French students come to America and we go to France.

The French exchange can help us increase understanding of French cultures and other cultures in general, while giving us the chance to get to know a French student and how they live. Ms. Romero also says this deep experience can help you see the world in a different way.

The French exchange can help both the school and the families involved in the exchange program. Ms. Romero says this experience will help both the students from nex+Gen and the students from France “get the hands-on practice they need.”

This program started when Ms. Romero came to this school. At her old school, they had a similar program and she thought that this program would work well in a project-based learning environment. At first in 2012 this program started but it wasn’t in France. It was actually in Spain. After that, in 2015, Ms. Romero found a school in France to work with us and ever since we have been doing this program with Lycée Bréquigny High School which is located in Rennes, France. Lycée Bréquigny will be sending 31 students, a mixture of sophomores, juniors and seniors, on February 2nd to learn more about us and our culture. After a little bit less then two weeks they will head back to France.

When the French exchange students get here we will be welcoming them into our lives. These students are going to be like another sibling that their host family will take care of. These students will be living the life as the host student would normally, like playing board games on family night or going to the mall with friends.

Together we will do many fun activities including going to the Sandia tram. The students also get to come to the Winter Ball where they will crown a French prince and princess. The French students will also get to follow their host student around school and see how nex+Gen works.

As nex+Gen is waiting for the French students to arrive, world language club has been preparing for the students by making posters and writing down the names of all the French students to help welcome them to nex+Gen.

Make sure to help welcome the French students when they get here. They might be in one of your classes one day and we want to make them feel comfortable in this new environment.