French Exchange Part 12

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By: Jesus Aguilar

French Exchange Part 12

Our last trip was to Saint Malo, a historic site where it was known to be a famous pirate port known to mercenaries, privateers, and for anyone who wanted to make money that would go here. Being there, lots of statues were devoted to some of the famous players of the region. We all did a group scavenger hunt where we all explored the whole area together. Finding different key aspects to what the area was about. We first went to a man who was telling us the history of the region and how this area became to be known as a pirate port.

In the house we went, it used to belong to a famous pirate and was the locations where they held their meetings. Lots of hidden features were in there, like secret doors and corridors that led you to other regions of the house. We got to explore the underground parts of the house where their food was stored. We eventually left by a secret exit that led you to the entrance of the house. The history behind the land was very unique. Soon afterwards we were given a scavenger hunt to try to find out different regions of the port. It was like a race since we were competing against each other. The only difference between us was which group could do it the fastest. Once everyone was done with this, we were given time to explore the land.

I was with a group who explored the city and were finding different types of life on the shores. Eventually, we were able to go into the ocean and swim. Some said that it was cold and got out immediately, others said that it was not too bad and it was tolerable. I did not enter into the ocean since I forgot them and did not realize that this was the trip which we were able to swim in the ocean. This was our last trip but it sure was a unique one.