Super Bowl 53

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The 53rd Super Bowl was between the Rams and the Patriots. It was the lowest soccering super bowl in history with a total soccer of 16, Rams 3 and Patriots 13. The Patriots now have 6 super bowl wins, becoming the second team with the most super bowl wins with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have made 9 appearances, Tom Brady made a new record of a player having the most wins. Tom Brady also is the oldest quarterback to win the big game.

Super Bowl 53

The half time show included Travis Scott, Big Boi, and Maroon 5 going back to there first album that made them famous.

Adam Levine

I know some Nex – Gen students went to parties, chilled or did nothing.

The Rams and The Patriots

People all over the country are tired of the Patriots going to every Super bowl so what do you think leave a comment down below.

The game

The super bowl was in Atlanta, Georiga this year were will it be next year and will the Patriots win another Super Bowl.