Getting to Know Mrs. D

Mrs. DiChiara is the sophomore World Studies teacher and the Mentorship person. I asked her five questions about her teaching job and about her life outside of school.

The first five questions I asked;

Why did you choose to work at Nex Gen?

Mrs.D: because I was teaching middle school and I knew I wanted something new in my teaching career and wanted to move to the high school level. I was also limited in the resources I had, and when nex+Gen was being built someone told me about it, they told me there were laptops available and that opened up opportunities. I also had already been doing project based learning and a whole school was doing what I was doing.

Were you part of the original teachers at Nex Gen? If not did you know them?

Mrs.D: I was part of the original teachers at Nex Gen. Mr Sisneros and I are some of the original teachers here.

What’s your favorite thing about nexGen?

Mrs. D: The students. Because I’ve worked at four schools and nex+Gen’s got the most positive and interesting student body.

Do you ever miss students from the past?

Mrs. D: Definitely. Students have come to visit me and they friend me on Facebook

The second five questions I asked were:

What’s your favorite movie?

Mrs. D: Definitely star wars.

What’s your favorite song?

Mrs. D: Lady Marmalade and Hide & Seek when I’m sad.

Do you have any hobbies?

Mrs. D: I sing, and I create tracks, and mix music, like harmonies. I’m a writer and I play tennis.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of school?

Mrs. D: Probably hanging out with friends

Do you have pets, if so what kind of pets?

Mrs. D: Yes, Tira, a border collie mix.

That’s all for today, stay tuned for the next article of Get to Know Your Teachers.

Mrs. D’s dog Tira