Cancer Awareness Fair

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by Evelyn Owen

The freshmen have started their Cancer Awareness fair project. Students that had the  highest collaboration grade got to choose their groups. After all the groups were chosen, each group had to choose their top 5 cancer types that they would want to research and each group was assigned one of their top choices. The options of the cancers that they got to choose from was some of the most common cancer types like kidney, lung, colon, breast cancer, and more. This project started out by everyone doing their own research to make sure they understand what cancer is and ways to prevent it and treatment for the cancer. After all the individual research was done, the groups compared their answers to make sure they got the correct information. Each student had to do research on ways to prevent cancer, the risk factors, symptoms, and overall what cancer is. Students are assembling a board with all the information they researched. Each week the groups work on a different side of the board and make slides for that side. After all their slides are done they print them out and use poster tack to draft their board. The students are looking at boards from past years and are using them for ideas of what they do and don’t want their board to look like. After all the sides of the boards are done they will need to get feedback, print all the pictures in color, and glue everything on their board. The freshmen do not know the exact date of the cancer fair, but they are working hard to make their board the best it can be.