Alabama Tornadoes

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by Jordan McMillan

Sunday, March 3rd, Alabama and Georgia had multiple tornadoes touch down. About 3 in the afternoon came a tornado warning and within 5 minutes damage was reported in Lee County. A second warning was issued about 3:40 p.m. Within 13 minutes of this warning another tornado touched down in that same county.  A final report that afternoon said at least a dozen tornadoes touched down that day. Roughly 23 people died, which makes it the deadliest tornado since 2011. As many as 20 people are missing or unaccounted for so the numbers of death could go up.

Pictures show houses and buildings torn apart and destroyed. About 150 responders were working since the beginning of the story. A lot of the rescuers were searching under piles of debris to find people. During the search, rescuers sent out dogs, drones, and helicopters to find people who were not noticeable.

Most of the damage was at the border between Georgia and Alabama. One airport was destroyed and a fire station. 15 structures were destroyed in Talbotton, Georgia. 6 people suffered injuries. There are responders finding a place to be a shelter for those who lost their house but are ok.

The National Weather Service states that severe weather could still be prevalent early this week.