nex+Gen’s 2019 Yearbook

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by Elliot Pending

This past school year has been full of many remarkable moments, a multitude of which have been captured by the students and faculty of nex+Gen Academy and can be seen in our school’s yearbook. The 2018-2019 nex+Gen yearbook consists of spreads of all of our students and staff, as well as activities such as Homecoming, Winter Ball, the French Exchange, and field trips.

The first-period journalism staff has chosen a variety of topics that show the essence of our school. From assemblies, the ambassador program, student government, and PIE to Selfies, student life, clubs, family, friends, and BFF photos, the yearbook serves as a time capsule for the years to come. Despite all of the work that was put into pulling together all of the book’s pages, what’s more impressive is the fact that we have worked through the difficulties of being an elective class. This second semester we have received new staff members, and have had to start creating our product from scratch. In addition, because Journalism is an elective we have had less time dedicated to working on the yearbook.

As of March 1st, the yearbook has been completed and is ready for printing. The exceptional members of Journalism have been diligently working to make the vision of our dream yearbook a reality. With all of this hard work, we hope that our fellow students are just as excited as us. The yearbook is currently $60 and can be ordered through Ms. Reece in room 102.