The case of Senioritis

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The case of Senioritis

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By D’Etta Farmer

Dear class of 2019,

We’ve  made it! We  have gotten through the ups and downs that come along with highschool. We have   made it through the uncertainty and anxiety of freshmen year and the uphill battle of  the years after. We’ve ordered our caps and gowns, gotten our announcements and have a spot to graduate at ( well kind of..). All is left is the final walk across the stage with our diplomas in hand. However before we can start sleeping in till noon we must first complete the final stretch of projects, test, quizzes and all the rest of the things we have slowly began to check out of.  Although we all are more than ready for it to be over, we must stay the course to the very end to feel the final satisfaction of saying “we made it! We did it!”. We can not let the case of senioritis slow us down and get in the way of what we have all dreamed about for the past 4 years. Why let senioritis ruin our chances of success and stop us from wanting to finish high school with a bang. Here are some tips from  Samantha Losurdo found on  to get your focus back on track.

  1. Keep in mind that no matter where you are going your grades still matter.
  2. Your hard work will prove to colleges that you’re responsible
  3. Talk to your friends who have graduated before you about it
  4. Keep your goals in mind
  5. Get yourself in a good work habit to prepare for college

These tips are meant to help you succeed in the rest of your senior year. Good luck and Congratulations class of 2019.