Fun Things to do in the Summer and Spring

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Fun Things to do in the Summer and Spring

Jordan McMillan

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Spring is here and summer is on the way! Though summer is not for another month and a half, a lot of these activities are able to be done in the later spring.

  1. Go to the Botanical garden: In the spring there are a lot of flowers blooming, you can hang out by the pond and feed the ducks, you can watch the train set make its way across the little town or you can watch the butterflies fly.
  2. Go to the zoo: In the summer this is a good idea. You can be outside but there is a lot of shade while looking at the animals. The Penguin exhibit is now open so you can go look at the wonderful penguins.
  3. Cliffs: In the spring they are closed during the weekdays but on the weekends they are open. This would be a fun way to hang out with your friends if you are looking for something to do for the summer or spring weekends.
  4. Old Town Plaza: If you enjoy shopping, this is the perfect weather to walk around. There are many small shops that have cute or different things.
  5. Walk or ride your bike on the river trails: During the spring this is a great trail to go on. You don’t have to drive far but you are able to be in nature. During the summer the best time to go is in the evening.
  6. Go to the Nuclear History Museum: If you are looking to do something that is not outside but is still fun, go to the Nuclear History Museum. There is a lot of tech and science things there to look at and to experiment with.