WWI & WWII Sophomore Project

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by Shaylin Cunningham

 Sophomores are on the second to last project of the year, which is learning about WWI and WWII. We have been learning about WWI  and just recently moved to WWII. For WWI we watched 3 documentaries and answered questions for the first and third documentary. During the second documentary, we had to develop and answer questions on our own. 

While we are learning about WWII, we have to read an article about the events leading up to, during, and after the war.  The final product will be creating a new edition of Chrononauts about WWI and WWII. The game is a timeline where time can be changed with the flip of a card.

This project was one of the best projects of the year and all the sophomores really enjoyed it. Stop by room 103 and see some of our games.