How to Get a 4.0

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How to Get a 4.0

Maika Gray, staff writer

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by Maika Grey

If you look back at your grades from last year, how do you feel? Pride? Disappointment? Maybe neither. Whatever it is, it’s important to know the significance of grades. Good grades can open the doors to higher education, more scholarships, and as a bonus, can boost your confidence. Some of you may be struggling with getting good grades, so here are some tips and tricks from a 4.0 student, Mari Gray, to help you along this school year.

The first step to getting good grades, according to Mari, a junior with a 4.0, starts in the classroom. “I always pay attention in class,” said, Mari. “Of course, there are times when my friends and I mess around in class; it’s normal to do that, but I understand the importance of school and make sure to listen and participate in class.” Participating in class is important because it gets you engaged in your work. Passive students are less likely to pay attention in class and more likely to get distracted. In addition, you need to be able to ask questions when you need to. Missing information will only lead you to produce low quality work so when you don’t understand something, make sure you ask questions. If you are embarrassed to do so in front of the class, ask the teacher privately at the end of class. But participation doesn’t only mean asking questions and listening.

“Taking notes is a great way to remember and study what you learned in class and it’s also a good way to pay more attention.” Taking notes is a skill that Mari claims to practice a lot. It is a great form of studying because it keeps a permanent record of what you have learned. Mari added  “Taking notes is also an important habit and skill to learn for college because you should expect a lot of note taking there.” A skill that may not be important now can benefit you in the future if you practice them.

In addition to positive performance in class, Mari makes sure to stay on top of her work at home. “I try to do my homework as soon as I can. I try to get it done first thing and then reward myself with social media or other things afterwards.” To focus better, try to wear something that is comfortable but not comfortable enough to sleep in. Then, put your phone somewhere where you cannot reach from where you are working, like on top of the fridge. Lastly, you want to pick a location that has no distractions. “I like to work in the living room where other people can help keep me accountable and on track, but if it is too loud, I do my work in my room.” If the computer itself proves to be a distraction, there is a Chrome extension called Block Site where you can block distracting websites for a period of time. Producing quality work is a challenge for everyone, so make sure you persevere and keep on task even when things get hard and stressful. Practice these good habits because they will benefit you in the future.

Another effective way to get good grades is by taking care of your health. Mari, who is very into health and nutrition stands by this. “I always make sure to take care of my health during the school year. I pack a healthy lunch and try to get to bed at 9 every night. I also exercise regularly to keep my mind clear. I find that having an unhealthy lifestyle leads to bad emotional health. And I found that that impacts my performance in school.” Having a very healthy lifestyle is more of a challenge for some of us than others, but even the little things can mean the difference to your health. So the next time you have some extra change in your pocket, consider not buying your favorite snack from the supermarket or the snack bar and maybe put that money towards a healthier option.

Given these points, use them perform well in school. Not only are some of these good skills and habits for high school, but for the rest of your life as well. And remember, it is you and only you who decides how well you do in school. It is okay to screw up sometimes but make sure to get back on your feet. Here’s to a new school year. Good luck!