Nex+Gen: A GREAT Community!

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Nex+Gen: A GREAT Community!

Dakota Romero and Amy Reece

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by Dakota Romero and Amy Reece

We all know Nex+Gen is awesome, right? But what makes it so great? I recently hit the hallways to find out what the different grade levels think makes Nex+Gen special. I started with the freshman class.


“We get to use the computers,” Yazmine Rodriguez said. “And the people here are more friendly.”

“The student culture,” Rhea Richardson said, “because I made friends on the second day of school and everyone here is so nice.”

Dylan Hoffer said, “How small it is and how the students here are nice.”

After polling several freshmen, I started hitting up the rest of the school.

Sophomore Devin Stowe said, “That it’s epic because it has the spirit stick.”

“How small the school is,” senior Jacob Racette said, “and how many friends you can have.”

“The community because it’s like a family,” said  Junior Dom Romero.

“I like how many friends I have made,” said Adrianna Loya.

Senior Kacey Carpenter said, “The different events we have.”

“The teachers and the environment,” junior Patrick Hyatt said, “and how everyone can sort of get along.”

Sophomore Roni Bearup says, “I like how there’s more of a dress code here.”

“The unique classes we have,” senior Jaymie Allen said.

“I like how there are many wonderful people here,” senior Amadeo Gallegos commented.  Ian Hart said, “Our tightly trusted community.”

Senior Charles Stallings said, “The teachers.”

I also asked some of the teachers and staff  what they liked most about nex + Gen and heard many of the same themes.

“I like the PBL,” Mama Reece said, “because the creativity of it.”

“I like the students,” Ms. D said. “Because I have worked in many schools and the people here care more and have more motivation.” 

“I love the atmosphere of curiosity, trust, and excitement,” said Baby Reece.

Counselor Roseanne Villareal stated, “The teachers, staff, and students are the best I’ve ever worked with.”

“Honestly, the kids make it great,” said registrar Stephanie Archibeque.


Nex+Gen truly is a special community. Way to go, Griffins!