Nex+Gen, a Different School

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Nex+Gen, a Different School

Yazmine Rodriguez

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by Yazmine Rodriguez

How is Nex+Gen different from other high schools in Albuquerque? One way is that our school more modern which is because we are PBL and technology based school. Another way we are different is that we have a small number of students compared to other high schools in Albuquerque. For example, Nex+ Gen has only 300-400 students and Del Norte High School has around 1,000 students. The learning space is also different because the classrooms are opened there are more kids in a class.

Benefits of Attending Nex+Gen

As mentioned before, our school is computer-based, so the school trusts students to take laptops home to continue our learning.  Most high schools wouldn’t trust students to take home school computers. Another difference is Echo, our learning management system,  which only New Tech schools use.

What Do Students Think?

I  asked some students why they attended Nex+Gen, why they stayed at Nex+Gen, and why they enjoy coming to Nex Gen. Some students said that they came to Nex+Gen because of the technology and because of the group projects. Other students said that they stayed at Nex+Gen because of the friends that they made throughout the year. Things that students enjoy about Nex+Gen is the technology.

How Is Nex+Gen Different For New Students?

In other high schools, there are bells to signal when the students should go to class . I asked freshman how they thought Nex+Gen is different from the other schools that they have attended, and many freshmen stated that it’s different because there are no bells, there is more technology, that Nex+Gen has nicer things than other schools, lastly the dress code here is less strict than it was in Middle School.

Attending Nex+Gen 

To attend Nex+Gen, you do not have to live in the district, unlike other schools where you have to live near the school to be able to register at that school without a transfer. However, with Nex+Gen, there are several steps, such as submitting an application, recommendation letters from previous teachers, and showing previous grades. After all this, you will be put in a lottery and the chosen students are able to join Nex+Gen. Attending Nex+Gen is really enjoyable because of the technology, how modern the school is, and the small number of students.