November Bond and Mill Levy

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November Bond and Mill Levy

Rhea Richardson and Amy Reece

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November APS Mill Levy and School Bond

APS Asks Voters to OK a Pared-Down Capital Improvements Package

by Amy Reece and Rhea Richardson

Last February, APS failed to get voter approval for a $900 million capital improvements package. Now they’re back with a pared-down $290 million version that focuses on critical basic repairs. Voters will be asked in November to approve a bond and mill levy that will help APS make urgent and basic repairs on aging schools in our district to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. Some things this bond and mill levy will fund include:

  • Fixing leaky roofs
  • Improving HVAC systems
  • Removing lead from drinking water
  • Improving security systems
  • Making schools wheelchair accessible
  • Purchasing music and art equipment


APS stresses the fact that this bond will not raise taxes if approved, but tax rates would drop if this proposal fails.  Schools from all over Albuquerque, elementary to high schools, would reap the benefits of this bond.  

The proposed $290 million bond would be split up into many different uses for all different schools: about 46 million is planned to go towards purchasing school equipment (ranging from art supplies to science) $43 million towards general school repairs, $18 million to transportation and the bus system, and many more.

With $18 million planned to go to the bus system around Albuquerque, APS’s goal is to  construct 3 different bus depots around town: one in the West Side, one in the southwest area of the city, and one in the East Mountain area.  Building these depots would cut down on a significant amount of transportation time and money, and would benefit everyone in the city.  

Anyone over 18 can register to vote on approving this bond.  Voting day is November 5, Absentee voting is October 5, and Early Bird Voting kicks off October 19.

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