Nex+Gen in Numbers

Rhea Richardson, Staff Writer


by Rhea Richardson

As we all know, this year is Nex+Gen’s 10th anniversary. These last 10 years have led up to this school becoming what it is today.

Today, the school is one we all know and love, with an A rating, and good reviews from people all over Albuquerque.  But everything and everyone has to start somewhere, and the school hasn’t always been perfect.

The school started as a concept in 2008, and it officially became a school in 2010.  The NMPED school grading system is mandatory for all schools, and Nex+Gen was thrown right into the mix.  Ranging from overall school ratings to teacher qualifications, these report cards show everything one needs to know about an Albuquerque school and it’s academic performance.

In 2011, Nex+Gen wasn’t even graded overall.  The only information was on the reading and writing goals, and not even anything about the actual results.  The next year, the story was about the same–the school had a C rating, but not much other data. 2013 had no data available, but the next year, Nex+Gen’s rating jumped to an A.  

2013 changed Nex+Gen for the better, and the school made some significant improvement and rose to the top of the ranks.  From then on, the school has generally gotten As and only a couple Bs.  

Principal David Lynch says, “We are a college prep school, and our goal as a school is to prepare students for college.”  Nex+Gen’s graduation rate is extremely high, in the high 90s, and the percent of students who go to college is in the low 90s.

“We’re always thinking; how are we preparing our students for college?”

— David Lynch


 Lynch has been principal for three years, and is always working to improve the school and adapt to the changing culture.  “So much of what we do is determined from the students you have, so we try to tailor the curriculum to the students.” Helping and preparing students is the school’s priority, and it’s something that makes the school as great as it is.

Culture is also very important to the school as a whole.  “We are always trying to improve and maintain the culture of the school.”  The pillars (trust, respect, responsibility, perseverance, integrity) are what makes Nex+Gen…Nex+Gen.

Nex+Gen started as a concept before the building was built.  The intense planning in the beginning allowed Nex+Gen to be designed in a way that allowed it to grow and adapt into an A school, and keep it’s high rating and good reputation.