Senior Spotlight: Mark Koshkin

Patrick Archibald, Staff Writer

by Patrick Archibald

Have you ever seen that guy at all the school events wandering around with a camera? Well, that’s Mark Koshkin. Mark describes his personality as “Wild and Reckless,” a flavor of sherbet from Baskin Robbins. After high school, he is planning to attend UNM where he wants to major in Biology.

In his spare time, Mark likes to ski and absolutely loves photography. He also mentioned that sometimes he’ll do both at the same time, therefore explaining why he explains his personality as “Wild and Reckless.” When I asked Mark what he would miss most about Nex+Gen, his response was, “I will miss Nex+Gen’s unique ability to inspire my peers and [me] to move from what and where we were, to what and where we are, and finally to what and where we want to be. Essentially, I like how Nex+Gen always pushes you to be a better version of yourself.”

Some helpful advice he has for next year’s seniors is to “CHECK THE AGENDA!!!” His favorite class he ever took at Nex+Gen was art with Mrs. Parker because he felt like he was able to be his most creative self in her class. Mark’s favorite food is oranges, his favorite color is red, and his favorite genre of music is hip hop/rap. He has two dogs, a hedgehog, and a cat. The last thing he wants people to know about him is “I wanna go fast->.”