Dylan Hoffer, Staff Writer


by Dylan Hoffer

Friday, August 30th, Dungeons & Dragons returned to Nex+Gen! It was the first of many D&D games at Nex+Gen this year. Mr. Potter was hosting this game and was the Dungeon Master. Many students went to the game on Friday and enjoyed it. I asked my good friend Nicolas Olson to see how he enjoyed it. This event is going to be happening every third Friday of the month at around four to eight-ish.  

I enjoyed it because it was a fun way to hang out with friends and to exist in a fictional world,” Olson says. Nick has only been playing D&D for about a month, “The way the game is played is fairly easy for newcomers to join the game and not feel overwhelmed.”

“I would most definitely go again. I would definitely recommend it to people who are willing to go into a new world with friends and peers to slay dragons and work on special missions for gold.” Dungeons and Dragons is a complete fantasy game based on decisions made by the players. If you are interested in going to one of these events, they are generally every third Friday of the month.