Senior Spotlight: Charles Stallings

Patrick Archibald, Staff Writer

by Patrick Archibald

Charles describes his personality as a Salted Caramel and Pretzel ice cream. “Because I am nice and sweet to everyone but if I need to I can be the opposite with the flip of a switch.” His post-high school plans are to attend UNM and get a degree in Game and Animation. He’d like to start making his own video games and eventually establish his very own game development company. When he graduates, he says he will miss the teachers and students at nex+Gen, “Because my favorite part of my day is to talk to my friends in all grade levels, especially because I’m less likely to see the people I care for.” In his spare time, Charles likes to draw and make YouTube videos of games he enjoys playing. His YouTube is advertised at the end of this article. He also has fun doing robotics and being in Student Government. His advice for next year’s seniors is to be able to drive and always have an open schedule after school. His favorite food is a bagel with cream cheese and his least favorite is gravy. He elaborates by explaining, “The type that you put on a turkey. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.” His favorite genre of music is alternative and his least favorite is country. Charles’ favorite class out of all four years at nex+Gen is a tie between Creative Writing and Student Government because “They make you be honest with yourself and others.” His least favorite class was Health because it was required, but he wasn’t really interested in it. He has one dog named Issei who is a year old.

Finally, when asked if there was anything else he wanted people to know about him, he said, “I really like school and I love everyone that comes to this school because they are a major part of what makes my day great. I figured people would want to know my Youtube channel because I’m pretty fun, I think, but it’s BackButtonCharlie.”

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