Coffee with Mr. Lynch

Patrick J. Hyatt

Ryleigh West and Dakota Romero

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On October 1, 2019, there was an event called Coffee with Mr. Lynch. It is an event that parents are invited to every year. It is an opportunity for parents to ask Mr. Lynch questions and to see Nex+Gen at work.

There is coffee, of course, and cookies, cinnamon rolls, and much more tasty treats for the guests to enjoy. We usually have more of a turnout in the evening P.I.E. events but this event shows Nex+Gen at the works.

Not only is the coffee and cookies good, but also the conversations are good too”

— David Lynch



“I think it’s a good chance to have it in the morning because parents can come and see what it is like on a regular day,” said Mrs. McCloskey. “There’s a greater turnout with our evening P.I.E. events.”

“This is more of a social event because it’s a chance for the parents to meet our student government and to talk to them,” said Mr. Lynch.

We asked parents why they liked this event and they said:

“We like this school because we can get to know the school a little bit better,” said Colin and Michelle Olson.

“I liked how friendly the students are and how they are able to explain themselves, especially Annick Ambrose,” said Crystal Rothgenger.

We then asked some of the student government officers and Mr. Lynch on why they liked this event.

“It is an officer duty and it is fun to mingle with parents,” said Kacie Carpenter.

“I like getting to hang out with the officers,” said Amber Paul.

“It’s a good chance for parent outreach,” said Amadeo Gallegos.

After we had asked those questions, we then asked the parents what their child liked most about Nex+Gen. It so happened that the parents that were there were parents of two freshman students.

  “Our son really likes this school and is very passionate. He has met a lot of great people,” said Colin and Michele Olson.

“He really loves the robotics club, the computer graphics class, time periods, and the school culture,” said Crystal Rothgenger.

We then had one more question which was what they would like to see in the future. 

They said, “We would want to see the see the school work at understanding. Also, more like this event and how we interact  with the great culture/ world,” said Nicolas Olsen’s parents.

Overall, this event had a really good turnout and it was a great event to get to know the school and the people who help run it better.