Baking Sharks

Maddy Mccullough and Laile Meraz-Parr

by Laili Meraz-Parr and Maddy  Mccullough

On September 18th, the senior class finished their 3rd Annual Baking Sharks project, which delves into the economic basics of supply and demand as well as an experience in entrepreneurship. The project ran from September 3rd to September 20th. The seniors had to create a home-based bakery business, researching all the local and state laws that apply. They actually had to make a baked item and sell it to the rest of the school. They also to create and implement a marketing plan for their business; many groups chose to make posters and put them all over the school, in the hope that the other students would buy that product. In the past the seniors were limited to cupcakes, but this year the Reeces allowed them to branch out into other desserts. The project culminated in a Shark Tank-like pitch to community business owners and a lunchtime marketplace in room 1o2 where each group experienced supply and demand for real as they attempted to sell their baked goods to the hungry masses of nex+Gen students. 

The point of this project was that it is a fun way to learn supply and demand, and a fun way to get the content that they were learning in class, even though most of the work was done outside of class. It was competitive and it provides life skills such as entrepreneurship and cooking. Market research was held on the two Mondays of the project: the 1st Monday was the baked good itself. The second Monday was the feedback and decoration and making tweaks to make their dessert the best it could be.

There were 18 groups total. This project occurs in American Political Economic, and Literary Studies (APELS), the class  taught by Ms. Amy Reece and Ms. Cat Reece. This is a super fun event all the students love. All proceeds were donated to the Roadrunner Food Bank. As a class, they raised $579.00. The dessert that made the most money, $85, was the Lavender Citron Petitfours, made by Lily Driscoll and Julie Gutierrez.

The quality of the baking was phenomenal, and this year they raised more money than ever before.