PIE Meeting

Rhea Richardson, staff writer

by Rhea Richardson


Everyone one knows about PIE, Partners In Education, and all its efforts to make Nex+Gen parents more involved in student’s lives. Partners in Education, working with Student Government, has a lot of fun activities and events planned for the future of Nex+Gen.  


At the most recent PIE Meeting on October 15, there was a special guest at the meeting: Mr. Kevin Grant, who was one of the original founders of Nex+Gen Academy.  He presented on the theory and practice of PBL to parents and students alike. “What are some of your concerns about project-based learning?” he asked parents. Going around and answering questions, he reinforced the theory of PBL, saying that “PBL mimics real life,” and that’s what makes it so effective.


The school has many activities to come in the next couple weeks, including the Career Fair for sophomores and juniors, Day of the Tread, the Fall Festival, and a 10 year anniversary celebration of Nex+Gen.  Career Fair is October 21, where many parents are planned to come in and give presentations about a wide variety of jobs.  


Teachers Mrs. Floyd, Mr. Smolensky, Ms. Djordjevic, and some others, are partaking in an awesome bike race across Albuquerque, known as the Day of the Tread.  Nex+Gen has secured a recharge booth along the course of the bike trail, and needs student volunteers to help. On October 27, come dressed up in your favorite costume, and hand out drinks and food to bikers along the route.  


Some people may have seen Student Government working on fliers for Nex+Gen’s Fall Festival out in the Cyber Hall during the past week.  Also coming up on October 26 from 4 to 7, come have fun with friends to celebrate fall and spooky season.  


Ms. McCloskey-Romero works very hard as the head of PIE at Nex+Gen, and she is always appreciative of new ideas for PIE initiatives, volunteers helpers, and parent help.