ALICE Protocol

by Yazmine Rodriguez

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate or run- hide- fight. This protocol was created to handle a threat more proactively from an aggressive intruder or an active shooter. School staff and students are required to go through the ALICE training to be prepared for a dangerous event happens at school. 

Why the ALICE Protocol is important.

Nowadays, it’s important to know the ALICE protocol because in the past year there have been many shootings and it is important to know what to do what to do in case of one of these events.


What Do Students Think?

Most students that I interviewed were familiar with the ALICE protocol. They said that they think that the protocol is a good idea because it shows students what to do during a dangerous event.


What Do Teachers Think?

I asked one of the teachers at Nex+ Gen, Mrs. Reece, what she thinks about the ALICE protocol. Mrs. Reece said that she thinks that the ALICE protocol is too difficult to follow, and that it should be more simple, plus during a dangerous situation students and staff are not going to remember step by step what to do. 


Pros About The ALICE Protocol.

This protocol helps students make quick decisions if a shooting were to happen. The run- hide- fight protocol had students grouped together, which made it easier for more people to get hurt or even killed. The ALICE protocol allows students and staff to run and make it harder for an intruder to harm people. The protocol also allows students and staff to throw objects at the intruder. Another reason why the ALICE protocol is good is because once you are able to evacuate the building you can get to a safe place far from the school campus.

Cons About The ALICE Protocol.

  Using the ALICE protocol can lead to chaos. During a dangerous life threatening moment, students might not make the right decisions and that can get them into a more dangerous situation. Sometimes it might be better to make a group decision just to be more safe. If lots of students were to run from the danger that can make it possible for a student to be left behind by themselves, making it easier for an intruder to get the person alone.  Caring for your own safety is important but abusing this privilege could also endanger others.