Hauntings of Kimo Theater

Yazmine Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Albuquerque Journal

by Yazmine Rodriguez

The Kimo theater has been around for a very long time. The theater has many different types of entertainment including films, theater, and musical performances. There are many ghost stories in New Mexico, one of them being in the Kimo theater.


The Kimo Theater Story

Many years ago, a man named Oreste Bachechi bought a building that would later be known as The Kimo theater. As Bachechi’s fortune expanded, he started the Bachechi Amusement Association in 1919. The Bachechi Amusement Association was what it was before the Kimo theater. Bachechi’s dream of owning his own theater came true. The theater opened September 19,1927, just one year after opening the theater, Oreste Bachechi died and the name was changed to Kimo. The theater was left to Oreste Bachechi’s sons. In 1951, a six year old boy named Bobby Darnall was killed when a boiler within the theater  exploded. The explosion was so big that part of the lobby was demolished. Bobby was sitting on the balcony with his two friends watching This Is America: They Fly With The Fleet, when suddenly he saw something scary on the screen so he ran down the staircase into the lobby so that he didn’t have to see what was on the screen. As soon as Bobby entered the lobby the boiler exploded. Many were injured but only Bobby died. Many people say that Bobby’s spirit haunts the Kimo theater. They say that Bobby’s ghost tends to play tricks on staff and guests. Staff say that Bobby’s ghost likes to trip the performers. Now it’s a tradition that staff hang doughnuts on the water pipelines behind the stage for Bobby. Staff say that often the doughnuts are gone the next morning. One year around Christmas, the staff decided to take the doughnut off the water pipelines that day people were forgetting their lines, light bulbs were falling from the ceiling, and the lights were flickering. The staff then decided to put the doughnuts back up and then the performance when smoothly from there. Now there is a shrine under the stairs and if someone doesn’t leave a gift for Bobby on the shrine they are putting the performance at risk.


Ghost Hunters

In 2007 Ghost Hunters Ron and Sherri, owners of the New Mexico Paranormal Investigation, went to the theater. Ron and Sherri went to the Kimo theater to see if it was true that there was a ghost haunting it. They said that they found evidence of Bobby’s ghost in the halls of the Kimo theater. During the investigation, the New Mexico Paranormal Investigation group said that they found “anomalous EMF energy.” The group also took  pictures of what they think is Bobby’s ghost. So it is believed that Bobby and the mysterious ghost lady ghost haunting the Kimo theater are still there till today.