The Future of Fall Festival

Amy Reece, Editor-in-Chief

by Amy Reece

The annual Fall Festival was held on Saturday, Oct. 26th from 4-7 pm. This free event featured movies, games, a Stranger Things theme, and kicked off the fall canned food drive for Roadrunner Foodbank, and while the decorations were awesome, the event fell flat as far as attendance goes. Most of the attendees were student government members, who were in charge of the event. Student government members report a steady attendance decline over the past few years at this event. Senior Lisa Villanueva attributes at least some of this to the absence of a haunted house, a previously popular draw for the nex+Gen community. Student government sponsor Jeff Sisneros says the haunted house has become problematic and unsafe, therefore he made the difficult decision to drop it this year. Nevertheless, he said, “It was a really well-organized event and I’m really proud of the quality.” He added that it is one of the ways the student government members can fulfill their required community service hours.

Student government is in the process of figuring out what Fall Festival will look like next year. Options include blending it with a game night, having it during the school day, or cutting it altogether. If you have any ideas for next year, be sure to mention them to a student government representative.