Balloon Fiesta

by Ethan Davis, Maika Gray, Lailie Meraz, and Maddy McCollough

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a festival held every year, where various hot-air balloons are shown; nearly 500 to be exact. This festival is held at the Balloon Fiesta park, in Northern Albuquerque. It is also the largest hot-air balloon festival in the world. It started in 1972, at the Coronado Mall parking lot, as a 50th birthday party for 770 KOB Radio station; you can see how much the festival has grown in the past 47 years. 

During this 9 day festival, many native New Mexicans show up to watch the balloons. But also, many foreigners visit Albuquerque around this time of the year to experience the Balloon Fiesta for themselves. A wide variety of people come from all around the world, and all the cultures make the Balloon Fiesta what it is now.

During our visit to the Balloon Fiesta, we interviewed a few people. We asked these people where they were from, and why they chose to come to the Balloon Fiesta. Kim Putnam from Albuquerque said, “it’s very cold, but it is definitely worth coming. The balloons are always a fun thing to see each year!” Charlotte Garcia from Albuquerque said, “I don’t care about the weather, it’s always amazing no matter what!”Lastly, Enrique Lopez from Albuquerque said, “I’ve heard it’s [The Balloon Fiesta] is the most photographed event in the world, and it’s true! I’ve enjoyed coming every year. It never gets tiring!” 

We also ran into some foreigners and asked them the same questions. Hector Valez from Mexico said, “This year has been the coldest for me so far, but I still enjoy it. Can’t wait for next year!” Calumina MacAteer from Ireland said, “It’s my third time coming down to New Mexico to see the Balloons. I wish we had something like this back home!” Lastly, Mitsui Koyo from Japan said, “It was worth traveling here! I’ve seen it [The Balloon Fiesta] online and wanted to come see it for myself!” he then asked us, “Is it always this cold?” We said no, that it’s usually a little warmer, but it was just really cold that day. 


This years Balloon Fiesta was a success! They had over 800,000 people from around the world come to see it, so it’s no doubt it’s the most photographed event in the world, and all of us were glad to have gone this year.