Computer Graphics III

Ethan Davis, staff writer

by Ethan Davis

Computer graphics 3 is a new elective this year.  This school year is the first to have the 3rd extension of this class. Previously, there was only graphics 1 and 2. Ms. Lopes decided to have a 3rd extension because a lot of the students that were in graphics 2 were interested in another year with the class.  The class is overall fun; I did graphics 2 last year. 

I interviewed juniors who are in graphics 3: Damien Barela, Lexi Estrada, Mari Gray and Joselin Hernandez to see what they think about the class so far. First, I asked what projects they have done so far. “We just finished the yearbook cover, and now getting photos to enter into metro, which is a photography competition” said Lexi Estrada. Next, I asked what important things are needed to capture a great photo. “It matters on the type of photo. It needs to convey emotion, and basically tell a story. The photographer should be able to tell a story through their photos, most photographers do it though compositional techniques. Ie. Black and white, motion photography, etc” said Lexi, Damien and Joselin.” Next, I asked what advice would they give to new photographers. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with new techniques, be different and try new angles. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there” said Mari Gray. Lastly, I asked what their favorite software and favorite cameras were. They all said. “[For software] Lightroom. Hands down. I feel like it’s easy yet still has the complexity. Lightroom is specifically made for photos. [For camera] Canon. It takes better pictures, and they’re easier to work with.”

For the final part of this article, I took some BTS photos of a photoshoot the group was working on when I went to interview them.  The photographer was Mari, and the subject was Damien. Joselin and Lexi helped make sure everything else was right. The pictures on the left are the BTS photos and the photos on the right are the final products after some editing.