November 19th PIE Meeting

Libby Thoma, Editor

By: Libby Thoma

A new PIE meeting took place on November 19th. The meeting was to speak about the PIE agenda of 2019/20. Parents, teachers, Mrs. McCloskey, Mr. Lynch, and many students attended.The meeting began with a welcome, including introductions and an ice breaker. Then, the meeting welcomed the ambassador panel which, according to Shaylinn Cunningham of the Junior class is, “Where the students got up and talked to parents about what we do in the ambassador program and what it is.” Next, the parents were asked for feedback on the Nex+Gen career fair. The meeting continued with Kacie Carpenter’s senior project, called Clothes for the Community. Next, Mrs McCloskey gave multiple announcements beginning with Nex+Gen Canned Food Drive asking parents to send their children to school with canned food any day from now until Thanksgiving to support Student Government’s Canned Food Drive. The announcement “3rd Annual Nex+Gen Alumni Days- November 25th and 16th” brought much excitement to the room.

It was asked of PIE parents to support this by providing a luncheon on Tuesday, November 26th for the visiting alumni, and to spread awareness of Alumni day to any alumni that you know. Then came talk about the Current Parent Outreach Event on Tuesday, December 10th going from 11 am to 12 pm. Parents can come to Nex+Gen and see what a typical life in the day of their student looks like. With this, comes a tour of the school, where you can go into classrooms and see what students are doing, and ask any questions you may have about our school. This is for Nex+Gen parents only. Mrs. McCloskey then spoke about Griffin Reader Leaders, which is a program that, according to the PIE Agenda flier handed out at the event, is an “…important program [that] promotes literacy at Governor Bent Elementary School across the street.” The flyer states that the Fall semester has been great, and that they hope for more parents to get involved in the Spring. Finally, Mrs. McCloskey stated there is not yet a date set in January for the next PIE meeting, so make sure to stay in tune. If you have any questions, email Mrs. McCloskey at [email protected]