Fall Trips And Activities in NM

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Fall Trips And Activities in NM

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by Jordan McMillan

Fall is around the corner. To some people, it might mean it’s time to start fires, have hot chocolate, or even eat pumpkin-spice everything. Something most people don’t think about is the activities during the fall. New Mexico is known for its landscape beauty, the trees, mountains, rivers, and small towns. Read the list below to find a plethora of different ideas for fall. 

  1. Go on a leaf-sighting trip

During October, northern New Mexico is known for its colorful trees swaying in the wind. One of the best spots to go is in the Sangre de Cristo mountains near Santa Fe. They are high up and have an array of aspens. If the northern mountains are not your spot, try going down to the Gila in the south. The Grapevine Campground, located about 5 miles from the Gila Cliff Dwellings, has even more varieties of trees than the north.

2. Head to McCall’s Pumpkin Patch

Over the months of September and October, McCall’s farm in Moriarty hosts the yearly Pumpkin Patch. There are hayrides, fun “ghost” towns, animals, pumpkin’ chucking and much more. It opens September 22nd and closes October 28th. During that time, September 29th marks the start of McCall’s haunted farm, where you can go and get a scare.

  1. Enjoy The NM State Fair

The NM State Fair, September 6th-16th, has many fun activities. If you like competing and  are good at baking, sewing, or creative arts, there are competitions for this. There are many different shows throughout the week such as car shows, fire trucks, and sea lions. If looking at animals or art is not your thing, you can get food or go on the rides.

4. The Balloon Fiesta

In October, the Balloon Fiesta is held in Albuquerque, NM. this year it is from October 6th-14th. Most days all of the balloons fly. Other special days throughout the week are for special shapes. Starting at 6 in the morning, there are small shows, balloon glows, and the lift offs. During the evening there is a balloon glow and fireworks, if the weather lets it happen.

5. Go on a hike in the mountains

       There are many places to hike in New Mexico. Just a few favorites are the Sandias, the Gila and the Santa Fe mountain trails. There are about 11 different trails at the base of  Sandia mountain and they split into multiple trails in the middle. The Gila mountains are good places to hike because they do not get as cold in the fall. There are multiple trails down there. In the Santa Fe Mountains, there are 10 or so trails. One of the big spots to hike is the Tent Rocks, located about an hour out of Albuquerque.

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