How to get the Most Out of the Fair

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By Hannah Withrow

The New Mexico State Fair a place full of fun and attractions.  No matter if you go for the rides or the art, the Fair is one of the best things about our state. Here are three tips to get the most out of the State Fair (you can start planning for next year). 

  1. Go Everywhere.

Even though the basic setup of the Fairgrounds stays the same from year to year, new things are constantly being added. If you are low on money you can be sure to get some cool, free, stuff in some of the more secluded corners of the Fair.

  1. Take pictures.

The Fair gives us a backdrop perfect for some awesome photo opportunities. Not to mention the fair only comes around once a year so the pictures you take can not be taken again for a year

3.Get a ride pass.


If you plan on trying out some of the awesome attractions, getting a ride pass will let you go on up to fifty rides and attractions, and it is definitely cheaper than buying individual tickets for rides.