Getting to Know Ms. Floyd

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Getting to Know Ms. Floyd

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by Shaylin Cunningham

Following this theme of getting to know our teachers, we interviewed Ms. Floyd, the awesome biology teacher.

Reporter: What subject do you like better: health or biology?

Ms.Floyd: I like them both for different reasons. Biology is everything in one cell that keeps every living thing alive. I like health because it relates to everybody.

Reporter: What did you want to be as a child?

Ms.Floyd: A Olympic gymnast or a veterinarian.

Reporter: What is the best part about being a teacher?

Ms.Floyd: When the light bulb goes off for a student who did not get it before and when you run into a former student and they tell you the impact you had on their life.

Reporter: What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Ms.Floyd: Nightmare before Christmas.

Reporter: Do you think you could beat Mr.Smo in an arm wrestle battle?

Ms.Floyd: Absolutely not, I could try, but no!

Thank you Ms.Floyd for the interview and caring about us students.

Washing elephant with her kids

Ms.Floyd feeding elephant