Senior Spotlight: Maliah Hansana

This week we shine the Senior Spotlight on Maliah Hanasana.


By Francis Sherman

Maliah has been at Nex+Gen since she was a freshman. She is preparing to go to a community college in Seattle, Washington to get her associates degree, then study international relations in Seattle at Washington University. This makes sense as she loves to travel and work with people.

Speaking of working with people, one of Maliah’s favorite things to do is babysitting, but let’s be honest, it’s just for the money. Now, think you know everything about Maliah? Well, did you know her favorite microwavable food is ramen, and her favorite thing to do is bake? Her favorite class throughout her years at nex+Gen was computer graphics and the most disgusting drink she’s ever had was peaches and chocolate milk.  Yeah, that sounds pretty nasty.

All in all, “The Table” seniors call Maliah a fun, eccentric person who loves her cat. Just as Maliah has everything figured out, you might want to figure out what I meant by “bake.” Hint: check out room 102 at lunch on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Bring some cash.