Outside the Box: Javan Hollins

By Samara Sena and Lori Alba

Javan Hollins is a Junior here at Nex Gen. Javan Hollins is a goalie for the Valley highschool Vikings, he is one of the top goalies in the state. I asked Javan, why play soccer over any other sport? He said that he grew up playing soccer and the game is creative to him, and there are so many things that you’re able to plan out during the game, and the adrenaline of the game. Javan has been playing soccer for 12 years now, and he says that being a goalie is a challenge to him because he’s able to show leadership on the field.

I asked him a way he’s able to balance school and soccer? He said he usually has 2 hours to do homework before a game or practice or he does it on his free time. A few tips that Javan has for a goalkeeper is you can’t be scared, don’t have a cocky mentality, and don’t let your emotions get to you during the game. I asked Javan do you see soccer as a career path? He said yes, because of the connections he has and multiple offers he gets from different teams. What does he do to prepare for a game? Well, he says that he puts his headphones in and listens to a song that going to push him more and give him more focus and motivation for the game.