2019 French Exchange: A Personal Story

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by Jesus Aguilar

My experience on the French exchange started off around September or October of 2016, my sophomore year. I wanted to go on the exchange and so I did anything that I could to make that happen. I still hadn’t joined the club at the time.

In November, a sale of luminarias was beginning to appear, and this was one of the ways to gain money. I joined in with some others to see how much I would be able to gain just by making luminarias. When I got there, I began making luminarias and within the same day, I was considered to be a member of the club. At the time, I didn’t much consider going into clubs and wasn’t sure if I was even a part of this one, but I kept making luminarias.

Within that year, the order count was to the extreme. In some cases, some of us would have to go after school in order to complete everyone’s order.

As the beginning of December approached, anyone who was a part of the exchange had to meet up during lunch to select their student that they wanted to host. Papers went flying as many scrambled trying to get their names on them. The information of who they were, what they did/liked, and any other type of information was on there. We all chose which person seemed to be the best fit for us, and after that we had to wait.

By December, we decided to hold a silent auction at the school.  This collaboration with Student Government was the Winter Gala, and we are doing it again this year. One of the members, Viri, was selling paintings in order to add more money into the club. All of these profits and works that we did began to pay off. Since this was based off of the number of hours one was there, the ones who worked the most got more than others.

By December and January, Mrs. McCloskey-Romero soon began visiting everyone’s homes, doing examinations to see if everything was alright with the family as a final checkup. A few days away and we were ready, ready for the French students to come.