What is STEAM???

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What is STEAM???

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STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. During the STEAM field trip, there were many booths about engineering and technology. Two booths stood out to me, the New Mexico Tech College, and the Albuquerque Bio Park. New Mexico Tech had many different stations including, Physics, Geology, Material Science, AeroSpace and Engineering. The Bio Park had different animals and a few games within their booth. The field trip was really educational and it also opened my eyes to many different things.

What does STEAM include? STEAM includes science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Most people that I talk to say the normal, engineering and science for engineering, is the main part of STEAM. That also includes me, I never thought about everything that relates to STEAM. Down below is how the BIO Park and NM Tech relate to STEAM.

How does this relate to STEAM?

Macs Brown:

What type of Science does this involve? He mainly said anatomy, which is the study of how humans are made. The other thing he said is included is biomimicry. Biomimicry is studying how something works in nature but then replicating it by human-made items. The study of anatomy goes into how the joints work to pull the fingers in different directions and how the fingers move. What type of Math is involved in the building of this? The main type of math used in the prototype of the hand is Calculus, numerical math, and Geometry. Calculus is involved in the building of the actual hand, to do programming. Numerical Math is used in solving problems with well, math. The last is geometry. They need to know many different things, how large wires need to be sensors. The prototype had handles that you could turn, those used geometry.

Do you think this will affect or is affecting the world? “Safely I can say it could/would.” Macs stated. Though the actual prototype might not make it out their or the actual hand they are working on, it still can make an impact on the world, and he says that it already is.

The second booth that stood out to me was the Bio Park booth. I personally kind of thought it might not actually belong at the convention until I interviewed a lady. The ABQ Bio Park uses STEAM in many ways, one of them is the biology of the animals, though it might seem like it is out of place. In my interview with one of the ladies, I understand now.

How does this Relate to STEAM?

Mary Lou: Volunteer Educator, also called a Docent.

Does the Bio Park Rescue Animals? The Bio Park does not actively go out and rescue the animals, but they do bring animals in depending on space and the condition of the animal.

How does the Bio Park involve STEAM? The Bio Park uses the first letter in the word, S. For some reason it did not hit me that biology is part of Science. The Bio Park uses animals to teach kids about certain types of biology.

Throughout the whole field trip, I found many different interesting booths but the two the stood out to me were ABQ Bio Park and NM Tech