What’s New with P.I.E?

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What’s New with P.I.E?

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PIE (Partners in Education) is a group of Nex+Gen stakeholders (parents, students, alumni, and facilitators) who work together to keep Nex+Gen as excellent a school as it can be.  We meet monthly and try hard to provide opportunities for interested parties to get involved with the success of Nex+Gen. Here are some highlights from Fall 2018:


We had a PIE eating contest in September to kick off the year… with representatives of all of PIE’s constituencies:

Parents – Kelly McCloskey-Romero

Facilitators – Violeta Djordjevic

Students – Patrick Archibald

Alumni – Zulema Quiroz, class of 2017

We cleaned the North Parking Lot in collaboration with Mr. Smo’s Team & Individual Sports Class and Mr. García’s Speech Class:


We met every month, shared information and experiences about our school, and worked together to volunteer at many events.  Here’s a shot of our October meeting:

The Nex+Gen Ambassadors presented at our November meeting about their role in this junior mentorship program:

We brought food and served it to facilitators and alumni for alumni days, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving  (not pictured: Lara Groff, who also helped!):

PIE is busy at work on our upcoming Winter Gala (December 8th from 6 to 9).  We will meet on Tuesday, December 4th at 6 pm to talk about how students achieve academic success at Nex+Gen.  Hope to see you there!