Havens For Peace and Freedom

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Havens For Peace and Freedom From An Unfree World In Upheaval


Western Civilization has devolved into an authoritarian decadence that not only demands your hearty and enthusiastic approval but for proof even demands your active participation in its demented anti-culture norms. Because Western Civilization dominates and influences all the major world civilizations today, this cancel culture wokatariate is threatening to impose its corpostate regimen around the whole planet, all controlled by a coterie of ruling class shot-callers whose only aim is personal monopoly power over their fellow man. 

Many who remain committed to the higher standards of an advanced culture, as revealed in historic Christian orthodoxy, are appalled by this devolution of an entire civilization into a savage, backwards, and morally repugnant anti-culture being imposed through manipulation, coercion, and violence.

If we consider this from a purely material and temporal perspective, it seems the totalitarian reprobates have all the power and all we can do is slink around the fringes looking for ever-shrinking gaps for freedom where we can at least avoid being forced into active participation in the moral chaos being called “progressive” by these criminals against humanity.

But if we understand that the Creator of all things has standards and norms that will lead to blessings of provision and protection for all who adhere to them, then we understand that the advantage is all ours.

If we but understand and use the Divine Blueprint for human civilization and its major God-ordained agencies and institutions, things like marriage or family and even nationhood  then whatever we unilaterally build based on these blueprints will become almost invincible to whatever earthly or human powers array against them.

Put another way, if you pour your life into that which God has ordained and follow His blueprints then you cannot be controlled by an anti-culture imposed by force. Our appeal is to heaven and no power in hell or on this earth can stand against that appeal because God, and nothing temporal, is the source and the power.

Things like marriage, family, community, nationhood, and whole civilizational paradigms are all established in Scripture and given standard and norms according to a Divine Plan. It is possible to disagree about the specifics, or to have diverse but compatible convictions about specifics, but there is a huge difference between seeking to understand and follow God’s blueprint versus rebellion against God’s standards of righteousness and justice for all nations and people.

In the past, people genuinely seeking to follow God’s standards thought it was justified to impose these things even on the unwilling who did not voluntarily embrace God’s ways. But the standards and norms of God’s blueprint for human civilization cannot be imposed by coercive means because to follow them out of fear and compulsion isn’t legitimate. You must willingly, as in totally in voluntary free association, adhere to God’s standards of righteousness and justice from the heart and by His power and guidance for it to really be accounted to your credit.

While we can debate the particulars of how we pursue building our lives, relationships, associations  and communities according to God’s standards of righteousness and justice, we should not debate whether we should seek to do so. If we are serious about worshipping and loving God with all of our might, with our whole being, then we are compelled to order every aspect our lives, relationships, and associations according to our best estimate of God’s blueprint thereof.

The Christian faith is holistic and comprehensive, it demands total subordination not to man but to God in totally voluntary devotion. This means that those who are of this mind will follow God’s way inasmuch as they know how without seeking to force adherence on to those who are not of this mind.

The perfect result, which we believe all Believers ought to strive toward, is essentially a duality of worldly civilization in its devolution toward ultimate ruin, albeit with its ups and downs, versus a purely voluntary Christian civilizational paradigm whose adherents cannot be controlled or even influenced by that devolved worldly civilization. We are talking here about a civilizational duality, one worldly civilization always tending toward authoritarianism and then collapse and ruin, and the other tending toward abundance and fulfillment.

To unilaterally build new sociocultural and socioeconomic structures based as much as we know how on our best understanding of God’s standards of righteousness and justice is itself an act of inner rebellion and revolutionary liberation that is totally peaceful and voluntary and yet invincible even against raw, brute, force. IF WE BUILD TOWARD GOD’S HEAVENLY BLUEPRINT WE CANNOT BE STOPPED BY ANY EARTHLY MEANS!

This truth of the invincibility of God’s provision and protection versus the worldlings in their authoritarian decadence must always underlie any approach to build according God’s blueprints for human civilization. Our aims are never authoritarian, that is, they are never based on forcing the unwilling to submit nor denying the unbeliever their basic human rights, which includes them not choosing to follow God’s ways according to our understanding of those ways.

While we are at war against the forces of hell, we are not at war with mankind or the worldlings whose ways we simply cannot and will not follow voluntarily. But those who think they stand solely as an individual and who do not embrace and seek to participate in scalable sociocultural and socioeconomic structures based on God’s blueprints will find themselves being coerced into conformity or canceled and punished for their disobedience.

This is a grave error within most modern church culture. It is a complete blindness to the necessity of unilaterally and deliberately building alternative relationships, associations, and whole structures around God’s blueprints that will eventually result in the suppression of all Christian churches within this present civilization.

Modern church culture turns its collective back on everything except for church services and religious non-profit ministries without building economic and civil structures outside the control of the clerical establishment. What is more, any effort to put these types of structures under the rubric of the clerical establishment will be ineffective because the clergy are not, nor have they ever been, ordained to rule over such matters.

As we endeavor to follow God’s blueprints for sociocultural and socioeconomic constructs within the overall rubric of Christian civilization, an ideal form of civilization based on a heavenly design, we are not creating alternatives to church. We are not even addressing the church structure, which is ordained in the New Testament. Our concern is for the other, almost always ignored, manifestations of Christian civilization as ordained by God and as revealed in Scripture.

With all of this in mind, we can be assured that following even our best, even if necessarily imperfect, understanding of God’s blueprint for human civilization in how we connect and relate with each other in sociocultural and socioeconomic matters will be attended with supernatural provision and protection. This will happen even if all the powers of this present dying civilization are arrayed against us: their coercion and control are useless against God.

It is not our concern whether the worldlings want to “tolerate” our parallel structures, which may take the form of whole communities or whole area-level distributed cities with their own social, cultural, civic, and economic arrangements, relationships, and associations. If we build according to our best understanding of God’s blueprint and if the worldlings choose to defy our rights to do so in peace, then it is to heaven we appeal and it is God Himself they will have to defy. The odds favor us, without any armies or the weapons of the flesh, and are against the worldlings whose howls of protest, anger, and hatred will make much noise but ultimately be useless against us.

If we want to be free, if we want to prosper, and if we want to manifest the Kingdom in this temporal reality, we only need to actively act and build on God’s blueprints. If we do this among ourselves we will find that the Christian civilization which is actualized among us is more of an influence on the world than the world is on us. But as we continue to refuse to take these necessary and practical steps, the world is influencing Christians and watering down our fidelity to God’s standards of righteousness and justice, even within the church culture.

It appears the Christian witness and influence is diminishing, but this is not inevitable. This is happening because we are not being intentional and deliberate about how we live, how we relate and connect to one another, and what structures we invest our lives into. Just as the devolution of godless civilization has ups and downs, so too the advancement of Christian civilization within this world at any given time will have its ups and downs and, presently, we appear to be experiencing a trough in which manifestations of an independent Christian culture are diminished.

While we are careful not to present our particular approach to Christian nationhood and civilization as the sole way to follow God’s blueprint for these things, we do propose that our approach is in fact based on such a blueprint and that it may be the only viable alternative for many Christians who today feel locked into conformity to authoritarian decadence. If you understand that following the present sociocultural and socioeconomic norms will inevitably conflict with God’s standards and norms, and undermine your faith, then you must also understand that you need an actual alternative, not just the general concept of an alternative.

Put another way, our blueprints and frameworks for nationhood and civilization are ready-made alternatives that you can use right now to begin separating your life from the influence and control of a godless paradigm that conflicts with your faith. You can either say “I’ll just use this” or you may say, “I have an even better alternative of my own.” But for most people, the amount of effort needed to construct such an alternative blueprint is immense.

For instance, our blueprints were designed over a four-decade period and tested against Scripture, logic, science, and history and some of the most accomplished people in these fields were engaged and consulted in order to create the best approaches. The need for a ready-made alternative you can immediately identify with and use has never been greater and we believe it was developed, since its first discovery in 1982, for such a time as this.

Nationhood and civilizational paradigm control your life, whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not. You cannot escape that influence and control over your life unless you either create alternative relationships and associations  many others also embrace and identify with or access and utilize a ready-made alternative that has been provided for your liberation. Our concepts of the Upadarian nationality, based on our alternative marital, familial, and kinship norms forged in historic Christian orthodoxy, are in fact a ready-made alternative you and your inner circle of friends and family can utilize right now to escape the worldlings and their anti-culture decadence.

If you are reading this and are not aware of alternative, parallel structures you can immediately start to embrace, connect to, and begin to build in your own life, then it may be that what we call “Upadaria” is in fact exactly what you need to become more free and prosperous and to shield yourself and those you love from the authoritarian decadence stalking the lands of Western Civilization today.

Going back to Jesus’s description of the seven spirits we see that if all we do is rid ourselves of the bad spirit without having any alternative to fill the void then we will ultimately fall prey to even more spirits. If our problem is a civilizational paradigm and forms of nationhood that are morally barbaric bastardizations of God’s blueprint for human civilization, then the solution is quite literally to find, embrace, and unilaterally build the alternative, based on a whole new alternative civilizational paradigm and form of nationhood.

The modern church culture doesn’t even have a language to describe this or to prescribe a response. It lazily resorts to end-times fantasies and practically revels in the devolutionary paradigm as proof the end is near and “rescue” is imminent. Even as church culture is moving ever further away from the righteous and just standards of the Kingdom, embracing sin and depravity and calling it progress, the faithful remnant are content within themselves to helplessly watch while their freedoms are taken and their voice is silenced. It’s all proof of the coming apocalypse and all we need do is stay faithful, even unto death, which is inevitable. Martyrdom is our only real escape because we will never bend or bow to the world’s perverted ways.

But what if this is wrong? What if the emergence of a new Christian civilization built around a modern application of ancient forms of nationhood is in fact the next new thing God is doing? What if the new “reformation” is the intentional creation of sociocultural and socioeconomic structures built around historic Christian orthodoxy and yet thoroughly modern and forward-looking using the latest technology and all the lessons of history, logic, and science?

What if we are meant to build a new nationality of people as the vanguard of this new civilization which will emerge on the basis of freewill participation and not the coercive power of the state?

This is our approach. We will build havens for peace and freedom forged in the ancient and eternal essentials of the Kingdom through freewill participation and not by force but, as we are doing the work of God, any efforts by the worldlings to use force against our efforts will ultimately fail. Again, we must reiterate that even as our approach cannot claim to be the only parallel structure to our present authoritarian decadence, it may in fact be the only ready-made alternative you can find at this time.

For some, the only viable and accessible options are to adopt the Upadarian nationality and build using these ready-made blueprints or to remain in isolation and to either adhere to the authoritarian decadence or face being canceled or punished for refusing to comply. You cannot escape a large-scale systemic paradigm and its systems of influence and control without actually using an entire large-scale paradigm with its own systems of opportunity and liberty.

In “Upadaria” you can access and use a new civilizational paradigm forged in the essentials of the faith, historic Christian orthodoxy, and thereby connect with like-minded people to build new relationships and associations that reflect God’s blueprints. This becomes inevitable and unstoppable, invincible, because it is in harmony with God’s intent for humanity.

This is the foundation for creating a haven of liberation and peace that cannot fall prey to systems of top-down control, but one must either go all the way or become easy prey to the freedom takers. It is really an “either-or” proposition imposed not by any coercion but by the necessity of the hour. If you do not do this it may not jeopardize your eternal soul, but if this is truly your God-given path of liberation then not using it can short-circuit your destiny and prevent you from fulfilling God’s best for your life. This can limit your eternal potential but this is not a “salvation issue.”

On the other hand, and tragically for some, walking away from God’s provision of protection and provision in the face of authoritarian decadence being imposed by force may in fact cause some to deny the faith and actually reject God. The pressure to conform may become so great that some fall away from the faith and yet if they had taken this opportunity to be part of an alternative, they would have endured the temptation.

Becoming a Upadarian by chosen spiritual nationality and the building your own relationships and associations around these ideas is not a salvation issue, but doing so (IF this is part of God’s scroll of destiny and purpose for your life) may in fact make fulfillment of your God-given potential much more feasible while not doing so may place you in an untenable position that deeply tempts you to deny the faith.

Not everyone reading this is meant by God to participate in and adopt our particular nationhood. Some are meant to be inspired and will participate in or even pioneer alternative forms of Christian nationhood. But some are in fact meant to hear these words and embrace them, they are destined to be the genesis generation and founders of both a new form of Christian nationhood and civilizational paradigm forged in the essentials of the Kingdom. They will unilaterally and autonomously build relationships, associations, and structures with their own family and friends as part of a globally-distributed spiritual nation, virtual commonwealth, and new civilizational paradigm that cannot be conquered by mere physical force.

Our havens of freedom and peace begin within our minds and hearts and extend dynamically, organically, to our actions and relationships and then to larger-scale associations, based on blueprints and frameworks we intentionally follow together through freewill participation.

Without a vision people perish. A vision includes a paradigm, an ideational structure, and its blueprints and frameworks that are used among individuals and groups of people in ever expanding circles and ever greater scales until it becomes global and comprehensive in scope. You cannot escape one paradigm without having a comprehensive alternative.

For those who argue “all you need is the Bible”, the Bible prescribes ongoing and never-ending instruction and exposition and daily guidance. What we have done is to collate and organize applicable deep truths from Scripture and to match them to practical science, logic, and historical experience as well as present needs and technological possibilities. The Bible is meant as a guide and absolute plumb line of truth and wisdom against which all other truth and wisdom is measured. The Bible is not meant to replace or eliminate new discovery or advances in how we live both in terms of technology and practical daily relationships and forms and structures of relationships and institutions.

The question is always, “is Scripture the foundation and standard of this paradigm or idea, or is this a deviation?” To simply dismiss anything that is just “The Bible” is not a Biblical approach. The collation of all Biblical truth or wisdom into categories with exposition and explanations and with applications to the present needs and technological possibilities is necessary and is itself Biblical.

The totality of the unfolding of God’s wisdom and the progress of Christian civilization in this world, until the ultimate culmination of history, is such that we can expect a more perfect and more advance manifestation of this civilization in the future than was possible in the past, even as the devolution of the godless versions of human civilization will also continue to explore new depths of depravity on its way toward antichrist.

We must build our own future, until we cannot build anymore, on the basis of the latest and more mature fulfillment of God’s blueprint for civilization. If we do this, the world cannot stop us. If we do this, our havens for peace and freedom, even if they are but in our hearts and are manifested in our relationships with others, will become invincible.







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