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Libby Thoma
Libby Thoma is the main editor of the Griffin Times. Her favorite food is Ramen, since that’s the only thing she can cook. She is also a terrible driver. Libby has 7 dogs, 4 cats, 40 chickens, 2 ducks, and 3 goats. She has a favorite dog, Sam and a favorite cat, Kitten. Her favorite color is baby pink, her favorite TV show is Modern Family, and her favorite song is “Circles” by Eden. She works at her parents’ office as a janitor. As a little girl, she used to do competitive dance and horseback riding. She is famous on Tik Tok with 20 followers and 137 total likes. She has been to England, Wales, Paris, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil alongside many other states inside the US. Her favorite place to be in the world is Lille, France. She likes writing, painting, and drawing. She also enjoys taking long walks with her favorite dog, Sam. She loves listening to crime podcasts and listens to these podcasts almost 24/7.

Libby Thoma, Editor

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Libby Thoma